Sunday, August 30, 2009


Side Note: I have been away for the long weekend, will be back with more updates, and definitely tonnes of pictures for you beautiful guys out there.

Here is just a record of an interesting conversation that happened earlier. I chanced upon a young boy who was a nephew of a friend I do know, and he is just in Form 4 this year. He is schooling in Muar, but somehow, for some unexplained bizare reasons, he has heard of my old school, St Thomas, all the way across the South China Sea in Kuching !!! He even knew my school was established in 1848, and commented that my school was well reputed, being crowned as the Sekolah Cemerlang a couple of years ago.

For a moment there, I got stunned. Like for 10 seconds. Or maybe more.

Somehow, the Thomian spirit in me started to ignite again. Something stirred in me. Little did I know that the school has come a long way since my days of dominance back then.

To all Thomians who happened to stumble on this blog, you should learn to love your school even more, and make the best out of your time there. I certainly had a great time there, and now, I am missing every single bit of it. It is refreshing to find this newfound admiration, and respect from even the people that I have just recently met.

In days of old, our founder's set,
Light on McDougall Hill...
Since then its spread and God has blessed,
That Light to burn on still....

Yes, the light is still burning in me. Do you guys (Thomians) still remember that song? I still got it in my head. almost every bit

Once a Thomian, always a Thomian. I am carrying that mark with me now wherever I go.


  1. i know exactly how u feel! the best phase in my life is my uni days in perth hands down! i think i left a huge chunk of myself back in perth and one day i will be back!


  2. hey marcus,
    ahaha I shall come to the uni part one of these days. yeah, I do feel like a huge chunk of my heart is left behind in Perth. Must go back there some day LOLLLL come come come ticket so cheap now.

  3. Once a Thomian, always a Thomian =) The older generation used to tell their complaining kids that one day, they will miss their school days. Now I understand why!!