Sunday, August 09, 2009

Dance With The Wolves

It has been quite some time I have indulged myself in alcohol. Just hours ago I did, not overly so, but just enough to drive my mind to another state where I can see certain things more clearly, or otherwise, depending on how you choose to define that state of mind. I have my reasons to stay clear from alcohol, but a drink or two from time to time sure comes in stirring that still, dead pond, revealing the murkiness of whatever lies underneath that is often masked by the fictionally calm surface.

Olympus Zuiko 25mm Pancake: 1/80seconds, F/2.8, ISO200

In that state of consciousness, these lines popped up vividly:

First we were afraid of the wolf.

Then we wanted to dance with the wolf.

And now, we want to be the wolf.

I am not going to nail down the exact reference of those lines to my thoughts at that moment, but I can tell you this much: it applies to a lot of people, in many circumstances, everywhere. You can interpret it in any way you want. I just thought I should pen this down somewhere, and probably it could jolt something up in you too.

No I am not the wolf. I sure hope I can kill one.

Enough "that state of mind" talking.

Time to sleep.


  1. For this case, you definitely need more than just a Papermate pen.

  2. i wanna kill the wolf too! i wanna murder the whole pack!


  3. hey chong,
    maybe I will use a spoon.

    hey marcus,
    come lets do it together