Monday, August 03, 2009

Babes Galore @ PC Fair

Warning: Massive chicks overload. View with caution at work.

It is interesting how one event that recurs twice or thrice a year seems to frequent that each and every time it occurs, there seems to be certain degree of evolving happening. If you compare an event with the immediate previous one there might not be so much of a difference, but if you take one from 4 years ago for example, the contrast is undeniably stark. This seems true for Pikom PC Fair, and the latest one just happened over the last weekend.

I went to the PC Fair of course, with a band of friends, and together with half of impossibly huge number of people who flooded the entire exhibition halls at KLCC (the convention centers) for all the wrong reasons. Yes, the prominent show and attention was the PC or PC-related stuff, but we have had our eyes elsewhere. Call me a pervert, but hey, if the girls were there to parade themselves proudly to the crowd out in the open, as a decent guy, I did my part in appreciating their kind efforts by humbly recording their beauty and cuteness for you lovely readers out there. Hmm, that sentence sounded a little more disturbing than I have originally intended, but what the heck.

Top: Chun Chow's awesome flash diffuser. Mid: My fake Ultra Wide Angle lens on Fred's Olympus E-410. Bottom: I bumped into Ser !!

It was refreshing to be able to hang out with my friends, and photos-hooting at the same time. I have known Chun Chow and Frederick since my college days in Kuching eons ago, and being united in KL for this particular event was a refreshing week-ender. Frederick has just got his first DSLR, and somehow I am afraid I was entirely partly responsible for the choice of Olympus. Nonetheless, three of us holding Olympus cameras storming the PC Fair chicks, I believe this was one of the rare moments out there. The scenario was indeed out of the ordinary.

It was kind of impossible not to notice the three of us as we walked by together, and as we approached the models, many of them automatically smiled and posed for us. And we all started clicking our shutters, and guess what, this time, for once I tell you, for once, the Canons and Nikons were standing right at our sides, at our far sides, trying to squeeze in and get a shot. We, the Olympus users have got the prime position and attention. We did garner some unexpected attentions, and a rather blur looking Canon user came up to me and asked me if the Olympus DSLR camera I was using was the latest model, because it looked really cool. I was using E-520 with the pancake mounted, hence the unusual look since the lens was rather flat. I told him "Dude, it is more than a year old already".

Olympus had their own booth in the first Exhibition Hall, and this time, they hired models to promote their latest product that they have tried to push so hard into the market, the PEN E-P1. Going into their booth, it was shocking to see so many E-P1s around, I would say probably more than a dozen on display for the public to touch and play. It was quite interesting to see Olympus being this aggressive, since they have not been as forceful in marketing for their previous DSLR products. E-P1 is indeed a new breed of camera, and I am glad to see that it is getting the proper deserving push out into the open. At least Canon users know what a PEN is. That is a huge improvement ok.

Photographing this session was quite a challenging task. I was using the pancake lens (25mm F2.8) and I have set my camera settings to allow for more ambient light to illuminate my subjects, and engaged the external flash to gently fill in. The flash was merely to soften any shadows on the skin, and bring out the desirable catch-light effect on the eyes. In addition to that, very even skin exposure can be obtained and highlight (bright sparks or reflections off the oily skin) can be almost completely eliminated. On my first few attempts, I accidentally gathered too much ambient light, which was a strong orange tungsten cast that destroyed the skin tone colour balance. I know I could correct this easily in post-processing, but these days I have been rather honest about my photography representation lazy. Step by step I adjusted the settings to allow the flash to overtake the color balance.

During the PC fair I bumped into Ser, a fellow blogger/photographer. I asked him to join me for a Fashion Show shoot last week but he ditched me. Ok that was not true I was just kidding. He was there to get some stuff and the next moment I saw him again he has got his hands full !! Alright, maybe some people actually did go there for the real PC stuff, unlike me. Anyway it was great catching up with him again. Sad thing he has to work on Saturdays, or else we would have made more shooting plans, and shutter therapy sessions.

It was one good weekend, with plenty of shutter actions, catching up with friends, and just letting go whats left of the depressing Cinderella story I have cryptically blogged about recently. Pardon my purpose of being so indirect, but it was deemed necessary to save my own neck.

Did any of you go to the PC Fair last weekend? Did you see any hot chicks not in any of my photos? Do share !!


  1. hey allen,
    LOL !!! Even Antivirus pun ada models these days.

  2. may i have an avira nurse on my desktop too? lol

  3. hey brandon,
    ahahaha, you can grab them the next PC Fair !! Come come

  4. avira seems to be the most popular one..damn, we missed out one of them during second session! such sexy lady in nurse outfit. hotness +100% LOL

  5. hey chun chow,
    yeah man.... I should go see the nurse and tell her I have had fever already LOLL

  6. why the colour so weird...

  7. hey LKM,
    Simple. Because I like them served warm.

  8. now i have more reason to use Avira =P

  9. Hey robin thanks for sharing! Nice captures. good tips on your technique that i can learn as well! your technical abilities are getting better and better!

  10. Hey aaron,
    whoah thanks dude. Nonetheless theres still a lot for me to improve on, especially composition.

  11. u missed the lenglui from telekom section. :( there are 4 chics....

  12. Hey daniel,
    lol, got any pics? Share with us!