Friday, July 17, 2009


I know I must have upset more parties than I originally intended to when I tried to clarify my stand. Although in the first place the damage was never part of the equation, but somehow people choose to perceive certain situations differently, and most of the times, only the ugly side of things come out to play. It sucks, I know, but reality never really works well with me.

The fault lies in me partly, for not quoting and explaining the original argument presented by Cedric. He has got his points, and I do agree with most of them. Go over to his entry here and here for FULL details. I guess the reason why I never presented his part of argument here was simply because, there was only one part I find myself disagreeing with, the part he mentioned that photography was easier, that making it happen is as simple as clicking the shutter release button. To a certain extent that statement is true, but to most photographers, I believe we have our part to take our defense.

Cedric, though I did not mention the original artist who came up with that particular line, I figured it did not matter because you have "borrowed" that quote and used it in your argument, and in this situation I would say you agree with the originator and putting that belief in effect in accordance to your own beliefs. At any rate, he was just a famous person, and being famous has its advantages, you get your words heard, but it does not mean I have to agree with it.

Note: Taken with Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ8

That previous entry did not escape without a few side effects. Somehow I managed to tick Jasonmumbles off in ways I did not imagine possible. Though I really do appreciate his honesty and I cannot say I do not agree with 99% of his claims, I did feel a little sting. Apparently i do have problems with people being openly truthful about everything publically. But of course that was just me, and if you know me well enough, you would know that I really appreciate the privacy. It was not his fault, but hey, for what was worth, that bit of comment did put a huge dent to my photography ego that I never knew existed.

So yeah, I know I have strong opinions. My blog is a medium where I channel those opinions. I must remind myself that not everyone is ready to listen, and definitely I find it impossible to please everyone these days. So I just have to take it a notch or two slower, and be less of myself or who I really am so I do not cause unwanted dramas and traumas.


  1. I will post a more coherent reply later (I've got a few chores to do ehheh *sheepish grin*), but let me say up front that I don't agree with the part in Jasonmumbles' comment, where he says that he is sick of seeing bugs on your blog.

    That is akin to walking up to a street photographer and telling him that you're sick of looking at the real world.

    I think that if that's your passion - shooting macro in the bugworld - I think nobody should stand in your way. Passion is a precious thing, and I'd rather you continue shooting what you love than to do what your readers want to see you do.

    Now! Off to do my laundry!

  2. Alright, more coherent comment coming up:

    Take Cartier Bresson's quote with a pinch of salt. He was using that analogy (one finger, on a shutter, that's it) to illustrate that at the very fundamental level, photography is easy (and increasingly so - what with intelligent bodies and near infinite digital memory). However, anybody who is familiar with Cartier Bresson's work would also know that he is not known for his technical ability (quote: darkrooms bore me {I'm serious, he said that!}) but for his genius-level composition. The term most used to describe his photography is 'mathematically precise' ... and that means that one finger is easy, but one finger is also hard.

    Do you understand what I'm getting at here?

    Anybody can take a good-looking photograph. We've got hundreds of them on Flickr. That is what I meant when I say photography is easy.

    However, because it's so easy to capture a good-looking photograph, it's also harder to take one that stands out from the crowd. That is what you mean when you use the 'looking back, twice at a book/photo' analogy.

    There. I think I've summed up the conclusions of our debate in two paragraphs. =)

    As for your apology, don't worry about it. I was never upset by your post. (In fact, I was more worried about the possibility that I had upset you!) I think it's cool that we've resolved this debate so quickly, and while I can't speak for anyone else but myself - I must say that I've learnt a few new things about the medium.

    And surely that is all that matters.

  3. talk less shoot more!!!!!!

  4. The roof the roof the roof is on fire,
    The roof the roof the roof is on fire,
    The roof the roof the roof is on fire,
    We don't need no water let the motherfucker burn,
    Burn motherfucker, burn.

    @Robin: Thanks for promoting my Kata DR467 XD XD

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  7. I don't mind looking at his macro and bugs pictures because I truly find them fascinating. What I don't like is past 10 posts, 8 posts are filled with bugs. :P

    If this goes on, he can rename his blog to Simply Macro. :P

    I am not targeting at your photography skill or wanting to put you down just because you take better pictures than I do, which unfortunately, it is true.

    My points are nothing about photography actually. It's about other stuffs actually. :P

    I will read still, just that you need to space out, insert some other stuffs in between so that I, a non-macro and bug lover, have something else to go WOW at. :P

  8. Jasonmumbles,

    You as a blogger have no rights to tell another blogger on "what to do" and "what not to do" to write his/her blog.

    Robin loves insects, so what's the fuss? Pfft...

  9. hey guys,
    please be nice to each other ok. I did not intend for all this dramas to happen.
    I am a little bumped out at the moment, been a long day, been a terrible week.
    Allow me to recharge and come back with a fresher mind, or else I would just be insulting more people.
    I do appreciate you feedback and comments, but please do show some respect to everyone else.
    Cheers, and I will be back soon.

  10. i think your blog is perfect. i like looking at your photos and finding out what's happening in your neck of the woods. it's my way of staying in touch with u although we are in 2 different countries. keep it up with the good stuff mate!


  11. Anonymous : Why not put your name if you dare to criticize people?

    True, it's his blog, however, I wasn't telling what to and what not to do but a friendly reminder that this blog was intended to share everything about Robin himself, bits of here and there, something about this and that. I love reading that because I get to know what's he was up to and see different set of pictures. That's "Simply Robin" to me.

    If the whole blog is about macro and bugs, by all means, start a blog for that and I will acknowledge it.

  12. hey marcus,
    thanks heaps dude. That means a lot to me. you rock.

    Hey jason,
    I know you have got your points, and I have mentioned I do agree with them. Please do not encourage "further discussion", though I know you were merely defending yourself.
    This is also the main reason why I mentioned some stuff should only be mentioned to me personally. Putting it out here in the open does not warrant that people will understand your intentions, and what we both share in thoughts.
    To them it just seemed like you attacked my blog. of course we both know thats not true, but its really hard to hide whats inside the egg once its broken, you get what I mean?

  13. Jasonmumbles,

    If that's the case, then macro and bugs are parts of Robin's life. So it's not wrong for him to blog about them anyway.

  14. Yo. I saw you eating at Padungan a few days ago, I think :)

  15. Hey, you all,
    stop this crap. Jasonmumble has his points. But, as Robin himself said it, it should have been channel to robin PERSONALLY. We as spectators do not see the big picture, the right intentions. Thus, other readers will find them offensive.

    So, Jasonmumbles, just chat with Robin privately. That will solve all the problems and the fire will be put out. :)

    btw, Robin. I like your shots. What you can do with compacts are just stunning. Looking forward to see more of your photos. :)

  16. hey anonymous,
    I do understand your intentions, and I am really glad to find you siding me. Unfortunately, Jason and I are not enemies. It was his fault for voicing those opinions out loud, but he apologized already. So yeah, please be nice to each other ya?

    Hey Samantha,
    Eh? You miss me that much eh? the last time I was home in Kuching was for my father's funeral in May.

    Hey Or3nZai,
    Thanks so much dude for your support. It meant a lot to me. I still believe that compact camera can produce great results, and people who use DSLR should not look down on it.

  17. I'm so sorry to hear that Robin. I really thought I saw you while driving by.

  18. hey sam,
    Oh no worries. It must have been quite a quick glimpse then ahahah

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