Sunday, July 19, 2009

Factual Report

This entry is dedicated to Jasonmumbles, and the other readers who may happen to share same thoughts with his long-ass comment posted on this recent entry.

Please take note that this is just a very very toned down and friendly defensive response, which I have put in every single effort to make it sound as "un-offensive" as I can. I have been attacked, and I have already told Jason that I did agree with 99% of his claims. He has got his points, but let me tell the story from my perspective. Bear in mind this is not a counter-attack, but rather some explaining which I should be doing on my part which I think I do owe Jason and everyone else.

Here are his complaints, and as a good friend, I did listen, and consider them thoroughly to a final conclusion that I did find them true to certain extents.

1) I have too many macro entries. My blog starts to look like an insect zoo.

2) I have less of other photography variety in comparison to Macro

3) I refute everyone's beliefs, and proudly aired mine.

4) I make photography stressful

I am not going to say much, but I will let the facts speak for themselves.

Here is a list of ALL my entries (in a span of 3 months) from 15th April 2009 to 16th July 2009:

1. Just Click It – Macro (July 16)
2. Damselfly – Macro
3. Dearest Deer – Animal
4. Beneath Yellow and Red – Chicks
5. Oly EP-1 – Events, Outing
6. Frankie – Friends, Food
7. Allen – Night Landscape, Food
8. Sudden Fashion Show – Stage Event
9. I remember – Mixture of Everything, Even Sex, Landscape
10. Believe – Non photography
11. Drinking from Empty Cup – Conceptual
12. Butterfly Effect – Macro
13. Want a Bite – Food
14. Purring at Home – Animal, pets
15. Feasting Korea – Friends, Food
16. About Lenses – Landscape
17. Looking Up – Architecture, Buildings
18. Outdoor flash – Animal Photography
19. Korean I love – Food
20. Gundam Eats Pancake – Figurines
21. I Found a Horny Spider – Macro
22. Sense of Direction – Stage event
23. The Hill and Waterfall – Landscape, Scenery
24. It Slides – Product Shooting
25. The Wing that Broke the Sky in Two – Random, conceptual
26. More Shutter Therapy – Macro
27. Bloggers @ Bing – Friends, Hangout
28. The End Story – Sunset, Landscape
29. Kuching Encore – Non photography
30. Spring Fashion Show – Stage Event
31. The One with the Crocodile – Animal Action
32. Krispy Kreme – Food/Product
33. Kuching Early Evening – Sunset, Street, Landscape
34. Breeze magazine Launch – Fashion, Events
35. A night with Kuching Folks – Hangout
36. Kuching I am Home – Landscape, food
37. Lumix Long Exposure – Light Trails/Slow Shutter
38. Gardens Fashion Week – Stage Event
39. Mid Valley Fashion Week – Stage Event
40. Mid Valley Fashion Week – Stage Event
41. Spring Summer – Stage Event
42. Lumix Goes Out – Street, Landscape (April 15)

Statistically speaking, macro only constituted 5 out of 42 entries that made up 12% of my overall posts on this blog for the past 3 months. Which simply means only 1 out of 8 entries was Macro. This left plenty of space for others, such as food, landscape, street and events.

Wait, I think I have more stage events, food and landscape in comparison to macro !!

Seriously guys, is this considered as too much macro already????????

As for the response to the claim that I sounded arrogant in refuting other people's claims, well, I have nothing much to say to that since it did sound true. That was the part that dented my photography ego which I never knew existed. I thought I was pretty much being extremely careful in not sounding like a show-off in any way. I often did my best to portray myself as humble as possible, and tried not to pose a threat to other photographers, regardless of what level of skills they possess, because I believe we can all learn from each other.

On the other hand, what Jason said was truthful, because in my writing I sounded so defensive in some ways that it has become offensive unintentionally. I guess in the process of not voicing up all my disagreements in real life conversations, I have kept a lot of grunts inside and I just unknowingly blurted everything out in this blog. I have never meant to insult anyone in this way, all I tried to do was to point out certain things that I have learned, and what I thought would have been the better approach in photography. And even so, in every entry, I always mentioned that I am still new to photography. I repeatedly reminded my audience on that very important notion: I am still learning.

The reason why I am writing all this is because I do believe if Jason got offended in such a way, I am sure there are others who would think the same. I know I have learned the hard way that I should not try to please everyone since that will never work in this horribly twisted world of ours, but still, I just want to make myself clear. I love the way I blog, and I define what is written here. If you agree with what Jason said, then I apologize if I have ever offended you in similar manners. I do appreciate such feedback, and I will adjust the tone of my writing style to sound "friendlier" to everyone. Nonetheless, I shall not change the way I blog.

This is my blog. I created this place, and I have put darn heaps of effort in keeping it alive. I have loyal readers who follow my blog, and many of them did so because of one very, very important trait that I own: "I do not blog for traffic, and I do not blog to entertain the crowd". This blog is entirely of my own, and it reflects deeply of who and what I have become. I know I will never be famous by blogging this way, but people who read this blog for a long time will know this already "I do not blog for fame".

I am not an attention seeker, and I have so many other reasons, valid reasons for blogging. For new readers, please go here to find out my reasons for blogging.

I am comfortable with the way my blog is, and the direction it is taking. It may not be able to cater for the whole crowd, but hey, here comes another thing about this blog. I am being who I am, and I do what I like to do best. I share the joy of doing so with you beautiful readers out there, and I love doing that. I may have sent the wrong message a couple of times, for example photography is stressful. When I love something, I give my all to it, so my work will contain my heart and soul. It shows, and I am not asking people to appreciate it, or even understand it. All I am really expecting in return are some words of encouragement, and a few happy noise from shutterbugs like me who share the same passion.

On another note, have you guys wondered why I have not subscribed to Nuffnang? Or Adverlets? (I have nothing against them, really)

Why I have not put up even a single advertisement, or pay-per-post entries, or monetize my blog in any other ways possible?

The answer is simple. Go back up and re-read everything again. If I give in to blog-advertising, all of the above would have been nullified. This is a proof to show of how heavily dedicated I am to this place of mine. No I will not change it because of a few "dissatisfied customers", I will not compromise the course of this blog.

This place is extremely sacred to me, and I will do my best to keep it this way.

So for Jason (thanks for the honest opinion, though I would have appreciated some level of privacy) and others who share his views, I am sorry for the fuss I have caused. You guys should know me well enough, I am stubborn, when it comes to the things that I love. I have fallen in love with photography, particularly macro. It is a fact that you all should know by now, and hence, it shall become part of this blog. I will maintain my stand, and you will expect more macro coming this way.

If you hate bugs then I suggest you spray your computer screen with Shelltox or Ridsect, if it makes you feel any better.

Please put a stop to this drama, I am ending it here. I thank all those who have shown support, but Jason did not mean any harm. We are friends, and that is what friends are for, to hit you with cold hard truth and you can still take it. He has apologized to me personally, and he really meant it. So please don't lah be so hostile towards him, ok? I know you guys mean well too (I love you guys btw) but do try to keep this blog as peaceful as it has always been.


  1. That was a very lengthy report of yours. :D Glad you managed to sum it all up into this post.

    Now, back to more photos please!!! :D

    btw that shot of those water droplets are stunning

  2. hey Or3nZai,
    I write a lot of crap sometimes, I wonder if people do really read it.
    There will be lots of photos coming up. I assure you.

    I love that water shot too. Pushing the shutter speed to fastest possible there.

  3. 8? I felt way a lot more. Haha! Did you count posts that have bugs pictures? Maybe it's because of that, I felt like a lot.

    Reasons you blog, always respected you for that. I, unfortunately, succumbed to the dark side of blogging.

    Cheers! :D

    P/S : Darn, no blog war. LOL.

  4. hey jason,
    aahahah, yeap. I checked the numbers.
    Anyway thanks man for bringing those matters up. It did put new perspective on how I should consider the feelings of others when I write. I may not change the contents of my blog, but I can change the tone of my writing.
    Blog war? Go find kenny sia or someone more famous lah LOLLL

  5. how come people will say u got more macro when I SEE MOST OF THE TIME IS GIRLS AND FOOD FROM BERJAYA TIMES SQUARE and also FASHION SHOW ????????????

  6. Hey Lkm,
    LOL! Our eyes only view selectively on the items subjected to individual preference.

  7. hi robin! i do always read ur blog even i'm nt a photographer.. i'm ur 'hidden' + loyal reader! to read what u wrote...
    p/s still remember me? ---peiming (x-colleague)

  8. Hey peiming!
    Oh my goodness,long time no see! How have you been?
    Thanks for supporting this blog,i appreciate it a lot. It is people like you that gave me the inspiration to continue blogging. Cheers.

  9. ha..then u must keep blogging blogging and blogging! hmm fine here =)
    hey so fast finish work ar u?..hehe. okla i'll keep following your blog~~...:D take care! ...PM

  10. Hey peiming,
    thanks so much. That means a lot to me! I replied the comments via my mobile phone haha thats why fast.

  11. oh geez robin! why do u even bother to waste your time in explaining yourself? u do what u want, when u want, where u want! if they don't like it then too bad for them! i like your blog very much and think very highly of u as a self taught photographer. i know cos i got friends with expensive DSLRs and can't do squat with it.

    to hell with all the bashers. u wanna see nude photos? go visit a porn site. u wanna see animals? go to national geographic's site. u wanna see simply robin? then come here.


  12. Hey marcus,
    thanks mate! U just made my day! The reason i explained myself was because jason is a friend of mine and his opinion matters. Yeah being myself is important,but i did go overboard in a few entries lately. But of course,you were right, this place is special because it is simplyrobin!

  13. where are the latest food post ???

  14. Whoo~ don't stress it Robin.
    And yes, people do read.
    Or at least I do =)

  15. Hey sam,
    thanks so much! You rock girl!

  16. I'm with KM Lim..we want more girls..we want more girls! haha..just kidding..your blog is ok robin, I like your blog...well, maybe because we have same type of camera hahaha...
    anyway, continue with what you're doing..its cool..


  17. hey wannaza,
    thanks so much man. Yeah, gotta say E-520 rocks. Love that camera to bits.
    Rest assured, chicks will be coming up, soon.

  18. wow!! Well, hope everything will be resolved bro.

    Anyway, i think that you need talent to capture a photograph, and for those wanting to make a clear point of what they are thinking, it takes hard work...

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