Monday, July 13, 2009


Originally I have decided to post up a full-on photo session at the butterfly park, but unfortunately if I do so, I foresee pointless redundancy of possibly similar photos of what I have repeatedly posted here previously. Some people must be saying “what??? Butterfly again????” Many people have gotten rather sick of my typical butterflies, dragonflies and all the spiders I have shown before. Therefore I shall just select a few for this entry, particularly my favourites and some photos of insects I have not captured before. I hope this shall maintain a certain degree of freshness here.


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After the unexpected session at Deer Park, I made my way just in time to meet up with the rest of the gang at Butterfly Park. LKM and Amstrong made it while mwky was missing in the rain that never happened so we had our little macro outing, with plenty of bugs hunting and application of “creative lighting system” (CLS). CLS practically refers to the usage of flash being fired off camera for more dramatic and improved lighting effect. Since Olympus cameras offer such a degree of flexibility, why not make use of this feature and get the best out of it in our photo session, right?


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Amstrong just got his 35mm macro, and it was great seeing him making the best out of it already. The photo above tells a series of stories. In case you do not see the details (I am not expecting many to actually notice these things) here is a list for you on how the macro shot was performed:

1) Single-handed shooting. Since the other hand was holding the wireless flash, he has only one hand to hold the camera, thus shooting singe-handedly.

2) Full manual focus. Try large magnification say, 1 to 1, (or 100%) real life to lens magnification shooting with one hand. Believe me, even a few millimetres movement away from the focus zone, the entire subject is blurred beyond recognition.

3) No wireless capability. You may be stunned to hear this, but Amstrong was using an Olympus E-510, and it has no wireless remote control for Olympus wireless flash systems. Also, it is interesting to find that Olympus flash still fires wirelessly under slave mode, being triggered by the pop up flash on camera. There are limitations via this method, but it still works, and it works damned well if you know how to control it.


*click* image to see its awesomeness

*click* image to see its awesomeness

4) DIY Flash Bouncer/Diffuser. Direct flash firing is a big no-no in most photography situations; hence a method to diffuse the flash or soften it is of absolute necessity. See the white piece of something sticking out from his flash unit? That awesome piece of devise is nothing more than a mere piece of thin white paper, being attached (with any simple, cheap method of attachment, eg, cello tape) onto the flash. Trust me, it was effective.

5) Getting close. See? The butterfly was so close to the lens, and yet it did not fly away. How did he manage to get so close without scaring it away? Skills I tell you. Skills. Who said 35mm is too short???

6) Passion. Obviously, if you are not passionate enough about doing something, you would not go great lengths to get what you want. If there was no passion to begin with, there would be no previous five pointers (1 to 5) before this. Sorry dude, simply just point and shoot and hoping your shot to come out just as nice by pure luck will not cut it in this manner.


*click* image to see its awesomeness


*click* image to see its awesomeness

Sometimes it is not about how your equipments could perform and get the shot that you want, but more importantly, how much you want to make that shot happen. I believe in maximizing the potentials of the equipments that I currently have, and squeeze every bit of juice out of it until there is nothing left to squeeze before I move on to something better. No, I am not saying that I have realized the full potential of my camera, do not misunderstand me. In fact, to be honest I do think that there is so much more that my current system can offer me, and I am only dipping my feet into the shallow front of the huge river.


  1. Dear LKM,
    In your wildest dreams.

  2. i like the damselfly photo!


  3. hey marcus,
    I like too !!!

  4. i envy ur pictures......mine not so great. it's hard to manually control the flash....i need wireless TTL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. hey amstrong,
    aiyoo nothing to envy lar, out of 100 over shots only these few come out ok. The rest are just crap !!!
    Considering your current camera setup I think your pictures are very awesome !!