Friday, July 31, 2009

Cinderella Horror

I was entrusted with the task and have beautifully planned to create such an awe-worthy Cinderella story. Nonetheless, it was deliberately hijacked by heartlessly inspiration-less jerks who cut all corners and left the outcome with nothing but something of lower standards than the B grade horror movie with blood dripping from Cinderella's dress looking cheaper than ketchup.

I almost lost it the moment they took away the Cinderella's glass shoes. They said, why should we follow the tradition? Why does Cinderella needs to have glass shoes? She is fine the way she is.

I tell you, the horror is beyond any horrors I have ever encountered in my entire life. The worst part of this uncorrectable state of mess is, at the end of the day, all blames come back to haunt me. I do wish I can just be the simple, humble, photographer, rather than the puppet movie director with the most disastrous movie in the making.


  1. Ok. Now, please provide a decoder as I don't get it all.

    Or, full (but summarised) story, please. :D

  2. LOL welcome to the casting couch my friend...


  3. hey chong,
    LOL, its supposed to be that way. Its open to interpretations..

    hey marcus,
    ahahaa, I guess I have no choice.

  4. I am lost. Please decode for me or tell me on MSN.

  5. i Know ur pain my friend it indeed a horror movie.i hope i get to see freddy and jason and i tot it was a disaster movie.

  6. hey jason,
    it is meant to be that way. If it is so obvious I will get into deep shit.

    hey anonymous,
    LOL... I know what you mean man. I just wish I can survive this horror.

  7. hey funkye,
    ahaahaha thanks man !!