Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Beneath Red and Yellow Skin

I was doing my usual random cruising along the Times Square, until I find something strikingly red and yellow. Yes I have been to Times Square for God knows how many times, and for those of you guys who are curious why I can visit such an ordinary place so frequently? The answers lie in the subjects directly beneath the striking red and yellow skin in this entry.

Trust me, they just pop out of nowhere. And the habit of me carrying a camera (even the small Lumix) everywhere I go to: is of extreme necessity. The best of things happen when you least expect them to. Better be prepared than regret later.

Gosh, it is only Wednesday and I can smell the weekend already. Is it me or is this week just freaking crawling too blardy slowly?


  1. lucky bastard!!!!

    times square again!!!

  2. hey LKM,
    LOL.. now u know why.

  3. this is why i lurv your blog robin!


  4. yo robin, next time come times square call me la go yum char.