Monday, June 15, 2009

Purring at Home

I think it must have been that roadside Nasi Lemak I ate for dinner. I got off bed no less than four freaking times over the night making much dramas in the washroom and practically got zero sleep. Now my head feels unpleasantly sore, my stomach is not getting any better and God knows what else is sore.


Taken with Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ8

Note: Some random cat I found nearby my place. It was grooming itself hence I took out my ever ready compact Lumix and fire away. This photo was taken at the longest 5x optical zoom, which allowed me to get extremely close up even shooting at a comfortable distance away from the cat. Gotta love the Lumix.

I am taking the day off and just, well, purr myself to much needed rest at home.

Someone cook chicken soup for me?


  1. so cute!


  2. hey marcus
    cure right???

    hey jian,
    I know !!!

  3. Cat (from the pic) + Boiling Water = Meow Soup :D

  4. hey chong,
    WTF so cruel !! Poor kittie

  5. Hmm.. the kitty's face look like 'Zhao Cai Mao'~!! His tongue is a bit "kasar" loh if U noticed~~~ *heh!

    p.s: Ur not old!! *grr..

  6. hey ruby,
    I know im not, but i do feel old in some ways ahahaha...
    yeah the tongue is rough, LOL...