Monday, June 08, 2009

Looking Up

Just a quick update, as I was doing my random strolling down my favourite part of town, I stumbled upon this scene being beautifully lit by the fading light of sunset. This was just the perfect moment when the compact camera comes in handy, and my Lumix does its job when the brother Oly was safely tucked away at home.

Photos taken with Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ8 with heavy image-editing

I know I tend to over-saturate my pictures a lot little sometimes, but hey, if the photo is all natural and original looking all the time, what is the fun in it? Adding just a stretch more depth into the colours can bring out an entirely different array of feelings. I particularly like how the warm tones of the building clashes with the cool blue background in the sky.

I sure was glad I bought that Lumix. Now I can walk around not worrying about missing out on sudden and unexpected photo opportunities.


  1. Berjaya Times Square - Robin's second home! :D

  2. hey cindy,
    ahaha thanks

    hey chong,
    nah, my second home is in malacca LOL

  3. nice dude.. amazing what lumix can do!!