Monday, June 22, 2009

Drinking From an Empty Glass

I find it quite hard to find the balance in anything these days. It is either it is too much of one thing, or too little of it, or sometimes in an utterly awkward situation, having both at the same time. Even when I tried my best to strike the balance, one side always seems to tip off heavier.

*click* image to see its awesomeness

Trying really hard to find my symmetry again. I know it is impossible to please everyone, but it just irks me off when you know and everyone else knows you have tried your best, but certain people still beat you down and say that you have not done enough.

I am not trying to prove anything, but sometimes I feel like I am gulping down wine from an empty glass.

And even when the glass breaks, no one will know there was never a drop of liquid inside.

*click* image to see its awesomeness

So why bother?

I just keep on drinking and drinking from the empty glass.

Maybe if I drink enough I would get myself drunk.


  1. ooh.. glasses! nice one..
    i shot in different framing.. yours is more interesting :)

  2. So..the glass is neither half empty nor half full. thanks :P

  3. hey allen,
    LOL havent seen ur shots so no comment yet ahaha...

    hey ian,
    its empty lah duh.

  4. er.. not gonna post mine. :P

  5. i know what u mean mate! its like holding a posh piece of glass in your hand made out of the finest crystal but when u tip it to your lips, there's nothing coming out. give me a dull vessel made out of clay any day so long as there's fine wine flowing from it.


  6. Hey allen
    no worries.

    Hey marcus
    omg u figured me out! Didnt think anyone would go that deep haha. You were so right. Drinking from any glass is better than empty ones.