Wednesday, June 10, 2009

About Lenses

So there is such a thing called lens-lust, a type of disease contracted by most DSLR users, especially those who are on tight budget like me who can only dream and drool over those bigger and longer lenses, but at the non-affordable range.

What makes lens such an idolized item by photographers or wannabes like me?

Here is a list of some facts and truths about lenses and photography.

1) To perform its function, the lens has to be connected properly to the body.

2) Not all bodies are compatible with all lenses. Usually, the body is the fussy one.

3) The bigger, the longer, the better the lens is.

4) Some lenses suffer Erectile Dysfunction (ED), eg prime lenses.

5) To shoot further, extend the zoom.

6) To increase the sensitivity, boost up the ISO setting.

7) To get that creamy output, use large aperture.

8) The size of a photographer's ego is generally proportional to the size of his lens.

9) The body needs to be turned on before the lens can be used.

10) A very long lens wobbles.

11) It is wise to wear protection on the lens at all times to prevent unwanted accidents. (hood, filters, etc).

12) Blowing the front of the lens is widely practiced.

13) The body usually produces unworldly noise in unfavorable situations, not the lens.

So now people, do you see why guys love lens soooo much?

I so need 9-18mm, 70-300mm, 50mm, and maybe 14-54mm. I think I should find a hobby that is less wallet damaging.


  1. I'm seriously shitting myself laughing!!! SOOOO true though. I have a bad case of lens lust too!!!

  2. hey slackalmighty,
    OMGGG long time no hear from u man !! How have u been?? I MISS PERTH GARGGHHHHH
    anyway which lens are u lusting for? LOL

  3. wtf?!!!! Hahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Good one!

  4. buy buy buy buy buy......

    50mm.. 14-35mm.. 35-100mm.. 150mm.. 90-250mm.. buy buy buy buy buy!!!

  5. hey lkm,
    nah, not into f2 now. Im going for budget budget budget

  6. dude.. your language is sooo wrong.. its as if i'm reading a porn flick

    aiyo... ask LKM to sponsor u f2 punya lens...then no need to talk so much! :P

  7. Hey brandon,
    its d best way to express our love in photography,no?

  8. dude.. where's your phone?