Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sense of Direction Much?

Side Note: Photos were taken during the Spring Summer Fashion Week at Mid Valley about a month ago. How time flies !!

I do not quite understand it much yet, but this must have got something to do with my charming outer look. LRT and KTM (train) have become my main mode of transport in this giant city of KL, and too many times have random people walked up to me and asked for directions, to some God-forbidden places, or to some lost train stations in unknown territories. I know, this may seem normal, but do bear with me on how freaky the story could get.

At first I thought it would be a nice thing to help people to get to their destinations. After all this is a huge city, and even myself do not quite know that many places yet. Hence, in the beginning I was more than happy to help out anyone who approached me, in any way I can to explain and guide them to the right path. However, the fun somehow started to turn into irritation when more and more people, especially the unsuspecting ones ask for directions, and at the end of the day, I just want to be left alone in peace while waiting for my next train ride.

Believe me, it was not like I was throwing myself out there in the open, I took measures to stay hidden. I tried to stay low, but somehow, something in me must have attracted some unwanted attention.

1) Isolating myself.

I know putting myself in the middle of the crowd would make me stand out since I am considerably taller than average Malaysian, so I decided to stand at far end or corners of the LRT stations instead. No, that did not stop some people who would walk pass by DOZENS of people and get to me, asking me for directions. For goodness sake, there were DOZENS of people standing so much nearer to where they were, why not just pick any of them instead of me? I was hiding at the corner and still, they come to me. Geez.

Now this bakes the cake, I said I do not know where that dunno-what-station-name was, and he stared at me back real cold and said "Are you sure you do not know?"


2) Music on the move

I do have a portable MP3 player with me and there are times I just blast the music so loud in my ears that my eyes would fall off. I have a noise cancelling set of earphones that worked so effectively even if you did scream like a mad dog in front of me I would not have taken notice. As I was banging my head to the erotic tunes of My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion, a young kid tapped my shoulder. And I turned around and took off my earphones, and well well, you know the rest of the story. He blardy asked me for directions.

There were so many other people he could have asked that did not have a set of earphones clogging their ears. I was practically drowned in my own world of sorrow ignoring everything else around me with the huge bright red sign on my head saying "DO NOT DISTURB" when I have my earphones on, and I got picked as the victim !! Why? Tell me WHY!

3) Moving on the phone

Sometimes, I do get calls from my mum when I was on the LRT, and I chose to spend time chatting especially on long travels. Yes, I was blardy chatting on my phone, in a crowd of possible 50-60 people waiting for the next coming train, and this blardy auntie had to GRAB MY ARM and asked me where some-dunno-what-place was at.

This was just unacceptable. Why not just bug someone else who seemed like they had nothing better to do than interrupt me while I was on mobile conversation??? This was just too weird.

I do not know guys, am I reading anything wrong here? I mean, I am not exactly looking like the person who knows where every single place in KL is at, and yes, if you know me well enough you would know that I have a horrible sense of direction !! But why the hell people would somehow have a glance at me and decided that I would be the one to be asked out of so many people around me?? I have been approached by Malays, Chinese, Indians, Africans, and aliens from unknown origins many times over. I think I should start keeping a journal of every single person who has asked me for directions. I could probably end up in the Guinness World Book of Records or Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

Oh, unless you are some hot French Chicks (click to read this story) or any equivalents, please, please stay away from me. I am not a tour guide, and I just want to get on the next train peacefully.


  1. The moment they ask you a question, reply them in Japanese.

    Don't know Japanese, ask Jian. :D

  2. hey chong,
    ahahaha that could work !! But I had a totally unrelated story about japanese and public transport while i was in perth... will share next time LOL

  3. maybe it's written on your face - "I'm a god"

  4. maybe it's written on your face - "I'm a god"

  5. Batman not around, so they ask Robin for help.

  6. hey jason,
    what the...

    hey Ian,
    batman is never around.

  7. The pictures are like forcefully being put in the entry, has nothing to do with it at all. :-|

    Because you look like a nice guy to disturb. Hahaha!

    And I like Ian's comment. LOL.

  8. maybe u have a very kind and approachable face? but i can identify with what u mean especially when u look so preoccupied with what u are doing and yet people still approach u out of the thousands of others like that dumb auntie. next time, close your eyes and pretend to be asleep. if people try to wake u up, then pretend that u are dead! u have to fight back robin! take things to the next level! LOL


  9. for what's it worth.. I think the girls in this post are drop dead gorgeous :P

    Anyway, Dunno about your experience, but maybe you just look like a nice guy, whom is willing to help a troubled or lost person.

    Either way, what you are doing is good (I mean helping them), but if you really want to be left alone... you could try dressing up like a mexican mafia,, and put a huge sign up which say "Hey dude, I ain't no tour guide"../..hahaha

    Joking..joking.. LOL!! But seriously, I pity you, but yep.. some people just don't know whom to ask.

  10. hey jason,
    I am running out of things to say about the fashion show lah.. so write bout something else lor..
    ahahah, disturb me and i will BITE hard.

    hey marcus,
    LOL... I think replying in Japanese as suggested by Chong is more fun ahaha at least I get to see the reaction in their faces. But yeah, i must fight back, thats true.

    hey cyril,
    yeah i do not mind helping people, but not so often !! Some of those kids or young people actually have EYES ok they could have just find out the stations from the map provided.

  11. You got check if they are snatch thieves or anything? They mihgt do such thing.

  12. Hey shinky,
    haha nolah, maybe 1 or 2 of them are snatch thieves but not so many of them!

  13. Hahaha cause you have a friendly look..

    but seriously those people are over d @@

  14. hey jian,
    aahah yeah maybe I am friendly, but true also, they were really too much lor

  15. Hi, nice to meet ya!

    Nice photos u had over here :)

    link u up now.

  16. hey anston !!
    Thanks !! I will link you up soon too.