Saturday, May 02, 2009

Kuching Early Evening... and Goodbye

Side Note: I know I owe a lot of people photos now, do bear with me since my schedule has been unusually tight these days. I will email those photos to you guys, but give me some time to catch up with my own breath before I do so !

One of the main tasks in my to-photograph lists while I am back in Kuching for such a brief duration was definitely the streets of Kuching. Having another photog buddy around, the Brandon Eu who loved shooting during sunsets, was definitely refreshing, a welcome shift from my usual lonesome photography hunt. One fine evening we ventured out to the heart of Kuching and rushed our way within the very short and limited time frame of sunset light !!


*click* image to see its awesomeness


*click* image to see its awesomeness

Kuching, though it is growing into something more city-like, still has plenty of old shops which have been around since at least four decades ago. Some of the shops are still operating the similar business being passed down from the previous generation. Such preserved existence amongst modernization was quite an interesting sight, and this truly made Kuching a special place.

Most magazines and professional photography advise would encourage shooting during the Golden Hour. This generally refers to the specific time of the day during sunrise and sunset, where the sunlight would be more intense in colour, and not too harshly bright on the buildings and streets. The ideal time frame would be within the 30-45 minutes after sunset, when the light is still visible in the sky, creating a smooth and soft illumination. Since the time frame was extremely short, it was not easy getting the shots in time, and the ground covered was also very restricted.


*click* image to see its awesomeness


*click* image to see its awesomeness


*click* image to see its awesomeness

It indeed has proven the advise from the professionals true, the pictures come out very well !! I particularly love the strong sunny hue on the photos, creating a warm cast that is very true to life. Adjusting the white balance to suit the natural lighting, the colours come to life, standing out from ordinary pictures being shot under broad daylight. The difficult challenge comes in steadying the shots, since most of the pictures taken after sunset would require relatively slow shutter speed, ranging from 1/5 seconds to 1/20 seconds in this session. Thank God for built in Image Stabilization on the Olympus body, I could still manage to pull out almost everything blur free !! Yes, for those curious minds out there, the IS system worked effectively in reducing hand shake/blur.

Unfortunately I left my tripod in KL, or else there would have been more interesting long exposure shots. I have long exposure fetish, hence I love shooting night scenes. Nevertheless, this was not a total loss, since I seldom find free time during the evening for shooting outdoors.


*click* image to see its awesomeness


*click* image to see its awesomeness

For those of you Kuching folks, I do hope you find those pictures interesting enough, since many of you have seen those scenes one too many times maybe. For non-Kuching folks, do consider Kuching your next holiday destination !!! It is a nice place, and I am proud to be born here.

My full week of holiday in Kuching has come to an end. It was one full, filled week that I believe I could not have spent any better. Here is the list of things that I have managed to do, while having enough sleep and rest, and not making everything in such a hectic rush:

1) Spent heaps of time with mum and dad, also some relatives.. lots and lots of quality time. Dinners, chats and of course shopping !!

2) Got my mum a mobile phone. Yeap, it is about time she picked one up. Hope she finds it useful. She has got to.

3) Met up with Methosphang and Brandon Eu, and shot Kuching from far on Sunday afternoon.

4) Went crazy at the Sarawak Rock Party 2009 at Kenyalang Theatre on Sunday night. Saw some pretty awesome familiar bloggers out there that night, and the event was quite a blast !! Will be blogging about this much later.

5) On Wednesday, settled some important errands and tasks that require my presence in Kuching, such as banking stuff and renewing my passport.

6) Went for an evening shoot-out around streets of Kuching, as shown in this entry.

7) Joined the birthday suprise for Louis/mini-bloggers meet at Tarot Cafe on Tuesday night. Great catching up with everyone !!

8) I had lots and lots and lots and lots of Kolo Mee. Oh and Tomato Fried Kuey Tiaws and Teh-C-Peng Specials too. And one bowl of laksa that actually sucked.

9) On Thursday night, attended the Breeze Magazine Launch at Victoria Arms, Merdeka Palace Hotel, with dinner, fashion shows and party all night long. By invitation event, and I have blogged about this in the previous entry. Met the usual suspects of bloggers, and some new faces like Cyril, Amiey, Fahrie and Norman.

10) On Friday morning, I joined Brandon and Methos again, and this time we were at Jong's Crocodile Farm. I have got lovely pictures to share with you guys from this trip !! To be updated soon.

11) Friday night, went to a fashion show at the Spring, with a VIP pass by invitation for the first time. I also stood at the photographers stage for the first time in my so many encounters of fashion photography !! Even more photos to share with you guys here. Will blog this much later.

12) I think I need more holidays seriously. One week has just breezed by me.


*click* image to see its awesomeness


*click* image to see its awesomeness

Apologies to some friends whom I did not managed to make time for, namely Yiaw Wei who was coincidentally home for the long weekend as well.

Time to pack and get some sleep. Return flight to KL will be on Saturday (2/5/2009) evening, and I shall make the best of my remaining hours in Kuching.

It felt astoundingly good to be home. I wish I could stay longer. Work does not permit that, but home is just so sweet.

Fare Thee Well Kuching !! I shall miss you terribly.


  1. When I look at these shots, I myself think that Kuching is a must visit, and a very special place...

    I wonder how I always think that kuching is 'biasa' daily..hahahah...

    but hey.. Kuching is my fav city of all the towns/cities I've been to.

  2. oh.. and let's get an UWA! :D

  3. hey cyril,
    indeed, I can't agree with you more. Kuching is indeed a special place, only after being outside for years that I finally see how special it is !!

    hey allen,
    LOL... planning planning. and come come UWA LOL.. u buy first then i buy aahhahaha
    or maybe i should just steal brandon's ahahaha

  4. Don't worry. Take your time. Send later better than no send hahaha...

  5. hey irene,
    thanks for understanding !! Just arrived in KL.. so many things to do now ahahah

  6. eh i didn't know u were back

  7. hey andy,
    oops sorry !! I kinda lost your number (when i lost the phone quite some time ago) and didnt realized it till i was back.
    Paiseh ehehhe

  8. hey anderson,
    yeah sadness indeed !!

  9. Wow!! very nice pichas!

    you should try joining the kuching heritage photography competition. Sure menang one..

  10. hey annna,
    thanks !!! aiyaa.. still not that good enough, ahaha got better photographers out there ler...