Thursday, March 05, 2009

I've Got Eyes But Tell Me Can I See?

I have two kilometrico ball pens standing upright in front of me, ready to be used.

What are those two pens for?

*click* image to see its awesomeness

I would use one of them to write.

I would use the other to stab your eyes repeatedly in super rapid successive motions like a sorry piece of white fishball.

And I swear I will continue forking it until you see that there is nothing else I could do for you, but to stab your other eye.


  1. lol.. i'd better beware the next time around you, macro warrior :p

  2. hey brandon,
    LOL... but too bad its not as sharp as 50mm F2.0.. that one can cut through anything LOL

    hey chong,
    but of course !

  3. you okay bro?

  4. hey shinky,
    thanks for the concern man. I am ok, i guess, still keeping it together ahahah

  5. Haha glad to hear that. Lately I also gone cranky. Probably due to the weather. ^.^;; You know March-April season = hot & fiery summer.

    Don't see too much sharp things. You might kill somebody. ^.^gg

  6. Wah, garang lah you. Relax, okay? You doing all right?

  7. hey shinky,
    ahaha.. nolah, the worst i would do is photograph the sharp things LOL

    hey atlasya,
    ahahha i think im ok. Not so sure, but i will live.