Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Well have you ever felt so hyped up and feeling extremely enthusiastic about something at one point?


*click* image to see its awesomeness

Photo note: Flash unit placed directly behind the flower, triggered wireless-ly off camera.

One day the ride will come down from the peak, and when it does, it drops off a hell lot faster than you would expect it to come down. And somehow, it just seems like you will never be ready for such drastic fall. Everything changes, and you feel differently about everything. The thrill died.

Eventually, everything comes to a stop.


*click* image to see its awesomeness

If we only knew which direction we were heading in the first place, maybe we would have seen what was to come. Unfortunately that was usually not the case, and life wass a bagful of surprises itself.

I am uncertain about a lot of things at the moment. I know not what tomorrow will bring.

But one thing I know for certain. I will continue looking to the sky.


  1. As they said, no point predicting the future. Live the present and embrace the future.

    p.s.: Look at the sky for what?! Not like it's gonna drop 7-14mm also. :P

  2. hey chong,
    whoever said 7-14? 9-18 will be just nice LOL

  3. first time to visit and was really amaze with the photos you've taken! i love photography so much and your works here are really really good! enjoyed looking at those pictures! your site bookmarked! :)

  4. hey lizelement,
    thanks !! Glad to hear that you enjoy photography too !!