Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Little did I know I would get so much response about my new stripped-down-to-almost-nothing mobile phone, and the best one would definitely be the text I got from Jasonmumbles as shown in the following picture.

Gee thanks Jason. I take that as a compliment.

One of the things I have regrettably taken for granted while I was in Perth for the past couple of years would be Subway. I know there could probably be nothing that noteworthy about the nothing but overpriced rojak styled sandwich with an international brand, but I guess it was the joy of pointing your fingers at whatever and however you wish to customize your sandwich that bought me over. Naturally I hated pickles, tomatoes, and several other yucky sandwich ingredients, which I can happily remove whenever I order a Subway sandwich.

Feeling nostalgic, and the creeping loneliness over the CNY holidays, I decided to pay my first visit to the Subway branch which was newly opened in Times Square. To my surprise, the interior layout and decors did resemble the typical designs I have seen all over Perth and this led me to the conclusion that most probably the Subways from other parts of the world would adopt similar styles too. Even the seats, the walls, and ceilings, the theme was really familiar. I felt right at home !!

Six inch? Hah that's for pussies. I had a footlong, which was just right to fill my tummy. Unfortunately the selection of menu in Malaysia was rather limited. The options for customization was quite restricted too, for example, you do not have alternatives of cheese to choose from, and the array of meat and vegetables were somehow lacking the variety I have witnessed back in Perth that made my mind indecisive most of the time. At least the ingredients were really fresh and nicely prepared. I ordered the special of the day, Italian BMT that includes salami and pepperoni.

Owh the sandwich tasted like heaven after not having one for so long.

I noticed that they were very careful not to name one of the sandwich stuffings as.... bacon. They cruelly replaced it with the name "breakfast strips". Well, at least they did not use bacon since it was obviously not bacon (bacon is pork, for those bacon-deprived people) and the name would definitely implicate confusion and misunderstandings. Nonetheless... breakfast strips???? The name does not suit it any better either.

So anyone have tried Subway in KL before? It is not a huge thing here, but the chains are slowly growing. It is undoubtedly a healthier food in comparison to KFC or McD.


  1. Subway in Malaysia kinda suck compare to the ones in UK. They (in UK) give additional meat without extra charge. And the cookies kinda suck too in Malaysia. IIRC, they charge additional RM1 for bottomless soft drinks.

    Overall, Subway in UK beats the ones in Malaysia flat.

  2. hey chong,
    LOL... sadness indeed..
    yeah cookies not much selection though.. only a few choices...
    eh u get bottomless drinks in UK? the one in times square you have to pay RM1 for every refill though.

  3. i've no doubt UK subways are better than KL, and perhaps even melbourne. I go to subway if i'm feeling really stingy for lunch; otherwise its so much better to visit the chinese cafe across the road!

  4. i would take it as a compliment too!!! you're a rebel robin!


  5. hey Brandon,
    it is interesting isnt it, subway is soemthing cheap in Aus but ridiculously expensive when you have it in KL.

    hey Marcus,
    LOL... of course it is a compliment ahhahaha

  6. hey jasonmumbles,
    LOL that somehow jolted some very funny encounter eh? I was tempted to write and post it, but then, ahahaha better not.
    You know what jason? Bacon is best eaten as it is, without bread.

  7. hey how come msia subway looking a bit sparse? so little ham so much bread!


  8. hey marcus,
    welcome to malaysia.

  9. Did went into one of its branch in AmCorp. Took hell of a long time just to make an order. Lolx..


    No joke.

  10. hey allen,
    come try it when u are in KL LOL

    hey shinky,
    well, before ordering I already know my combinations so it was quite a breeze.

  11. Jee and I tried the one in HK... oh boy oh boy oh boy fjdksjfeieurew! *LOL* Me want Subway in Kuching NOW!

  12. hey ann,
    subway is good !!! and the best thing about it, its healthy, whole wide selection of available salad.

  13. i've no doubt British subways can beat KL, and even perhaps victoria. Time passes to be able to train when i am sensation genuinely stingy for supper; or else their much better to check out the china restaurant through the road!3

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