Friday, February 20, 2009

Lets Break It

It has been quite a while since the last time I took a break from blogging, could it be more than a year ago?

Anyway, this will be hopefully a short, and much needed break. Do not worry, I did not run out of material to write just yet, in fact, never in my past 3 years of blogging have I ever run out of anything to say. Perhaps I have had too many things going on in my mind that many of them manifested in the blog entries. A break is necessary to sort those things out in my mind.

How long will this break be? I have no idea. Maybe 5 days, maybe a week, maybe more.

But I promise you guys I will return.

Cheers, and thanks for always being here with me, you guys rock !!


  1. Break?! What break?!

    You know, sometimes it's best to let it out in all sorts of form in order to get a healthy state of mind. :D

  2. When ones life get interesting, the first to suffer is usually the blog. I hope I am right here =)

  3. break? what break?
    Go out and get yourself a kit-kat and that's the only break we're giving you

    wahahaha joking joking..
    you really need to take a rest.. and give your camera and the innocent animals a break too xD hahaha

  4. Hey Robin I might be popping into Malacca or.. somewhere close at the end of this week :) Let me know if you're cool to catch up for a coffee - depending on where you say you are :D

  5. Hey chong,
    all sorts of form?? what kind of form?

    hey ven,
    life gets interesting, how so? My life has rarely been boring though.

    hey jian,
    ahahha what innocent animals.. I am more innocent ok..

  6. hey clara,
    U are in Malaysia now??? where are you??
    When malacca? This weekend is running out already. I am in KL..
    Please get to me at