Monday, January 05, 2009

The Story of Potato and Salad

There was this boy who loves to eat anything potato. French fries, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, potato wedges, potato bread, chips, and everything else to do with potato you could ever come up with. He eats potatoes every single day, and he could not understand why there exist such people who do not love potatoes as much as he does.

Then there was this girl who is addicted to salad. If she was to eat one single thing for the rest of her life, she would be more than happy to have salad only. She eats salad for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and all in between meals (snacks) proclaiming it to provide the best diet balance. She was even nicknamed the salad girl.


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One day, the potato boy met up with the salad girl. They sat down at the lawn during noon for lunch. Each pulled out neatly packed lunches from their bags and was eager to quench their hunger. As they sat and stared at each other, they both had the most puzzled look ever on their faces. They were astonished, and at the same time felt compelled to say something.

They started to talk about food. The boy professed his compassion for potatoes, as the girl defended the salad pride. The friendly talk started to get spicier. The girl did not hear, or seem to ignore the boy’s opinion on potatoes. The boy just could not accept salad being one single menu for every single meal. The girl tried her best to explain to the boy why the salad was so good, and the boy told her that potatoes are even better.

Eventually they both raised their voices and the discussion turned into an argument. The talk was no longer about potatoes or salad anymore. The boy was annoyed because he pointed out that the girl was not listening to him as he laid down his righteous reasons for having potatoes as his staple food. The girl was in over her head because the boy kept thinking that he was always right and never wanted to try out other things, like salad for a change. They both have beliefs. They both stood firm on their own grounds. Obviously there was a stark disagreement.

After half an hour of debating back and forth, neither potato nor salad could win.


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The girl accused the boy of being strong headed and always wanting to control the situation. She mercilessly blamed the boy for always wanting to win an argument, and forcing everyone else around him to agree with him. She just cannot understand why the boy could not just lay down his potato for once and tried her salad. She thinks that the boy would really love the salad if he had given it a chance. She really wanted the boy to change, and in her own twisted ways, tried to show the boy how she felt about the salad.

The boy believes that it is important to defend what he believes in. Of course there is no need for him to have salad, because potato is the whole world to him. The boy felt really intimidated because the girl was not able to respect his thoughts and feelings about potatoes. He thought that she was being intrusive, and had no right to take his potatoes away from him, because she has never tried potatoes before, and she never knew how good potatoes were. The boy was happy where he was, but he was discouraged by the sentiments the girl was displaying over his strong rejection over her salad.

It came to a point they have nothing else to say to each other and they no longer felt hungry. The boy started to eat his potato, and the girl had her own salad. They finished up their lunch silently, and headed their own separate ways.


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So guys, that was the story I wanted to share. It was semi-fictional, and was also based on certain discussions I have come across from my random blog surfing.

What went wrong? Does it even matter in the first place whether potato or salad was better? Does it even matter who was right or wrong? Or who wins, or loses?

It started as an innocent discussion between friends. It was sharing of thoughts and opinions. Everyone has differing opinions, it is only normal for us to disagree with one another based on our own individual preferences that we have developed. It was perfectly alright, and ordinary to discuss those differences, and learn from each other by doing so. I agree to disagree, because by agreeing all the time to everything to one another, we human beings will be more boring than sleeping pandas.

The discussion was no longer a discussion, when either party was being provoked. Once the boy was insulted by the girl’s comments, acting on defence, he would undoubtedly fight for his own beliefs. How can he give up one thing that he has loved so much all his life just to accommodate the salad that the girl was selling? The defence was probably more offensive in nature, hence the girl was taken aback thinking that the boy was closed minded and never wanted to listen to others but to himself.


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So you think the story has ended? Nooooo.. it has just gotten juicier.

A couple of weeks later, the salad girl bumped un-accidentally into the potato guy again. She told him to his face how terrible she felt about her salad being rejected by the boy. She has also asked around her friends, and quite a number of his friends, if they thought salad or potato was better, and she threw it onto his face saying that everyone else seemed to think and agree that salad was better.

So the boy exploded and screamed these words back at her…
“So what if your fucking salad is better than my potatoes? I love my potatoes, and that really matters to me. If you can’t accept that, just blardy FUCK OFF !!!!”

Obviously the potato boy and the salad girl could never end up in a serious relationship.

So guys, potato, or salad?

Side Note: I have just realised after all the typing that… there is such a thing called potato salad.


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