Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year

Side Note: This blog is currently undergoing serious cosmetic makeover. Do expect a little bug there and here, and I apologize for all inconvenience caused at the time being. The entire setup should be completed within the day, and if you find anything peculiar, kindly contact me and let me know. Any feedback at all is welcome.

It has been a heck of a tornado whirling my life for the past year. I wanted to write up a summary for the whole year like any typical blogger/journal writer would do, but I guess I have not made the effort to start. Looking it all in a glance, 2008 was not exactly a great year for me. Nevertheless, it has passed by, and now it is 2009 already, and lets all hope this new year shall bring us more opportunities and reasons to be joyful.

For the past one week or so, I have travelled to several places, and captured photos of various events at those places. One of them happened to be the show at Pavillion, where angels with really weird colourful costumes were dancing around to entertain the crazy crowd. I guess it was fun to see something unusual from time to time eh?

Some of the models look really familiar. Perhaps I have encountered them in my previous event shootings?

The crowd simply adored their appearance there, and photography session with the weirdly dressed angels was allowed. Somehow their outfit reminds me of some evil witch from some anime/cartoons that I have watched. Alright maybe I am getting too old.

I am sure many bloggers out there would be contemplating on their past new year resolutions and how they have fared, while creating new ones for 2009. I have never kept any resolutions before, since I believe if there is something you want to do and achieve, just go right ahead and make it happen, rather than making yourself some empty promises just to convince yourself that you have to start moving. It may work for certain people, but to me, it was not the case. Nope, no resolutions. I will go as the wind would wildly take me.

So, another year has gone by. It is time to put it behind, and lift up our heads to 2009. I foresee untamed beasts, and troubled waters awaiting.

Viva la Vida guys !!!

Happy New Year 2009 to each and everyone of you.


  1. happy new year robin! viva la vida!


  2. hey marcus,
    happy new year to u too !!!

  3. did you use bounce flash? very nice even lighting.

  4. hey brandon,
    I do not even have a flash !!!! used 40-150mm F3.5-4.5, the lens is quite impressive in certain situations.

  5. hey bring back your orange background! but i do like your new header!


  6. hey marcus,
    thanks !!! but i will stick to something brighter for now...

  7. hey allen,
    happy niu year !!

  8. Nice layout and more user friendly. Happy new year. Same here, no resolutions and don't even want to reflect on last year hahaha... take care!

  9. hey irene,
    thanks irene !! happy New Year to you too !!