Friday, January 02, 2009

New Layout

So this is the New Year, and this is the new layout that I have been working on for this humble blog of mine. I do hope you guys like it. The theme is of course simplicity, concurring with the blog title Simply Robin.

This was only the third time changing the layout of my blog, since I do not see the necessity of modifying it often if the current theme works. I quite like the previous one actually, but after viewing it for a year or so, it started to feel old and worn out. And I was getting sick of seeing brown tones too. Considering the fact that my blog is more than 3 years old, it can be said that I stick faithfully to one layout per year.

The major changes and modifications I have incorporated in this new layout which I have modified from the standard template I stole somewhere out there are:

1) Wider main body area – to accommodate my ever expanding size of photos.

2) White background – I have always been a fan of bright backgrounds

3) New Header – to compliment the new layout.

4) More photography oriented – since I have a DSLR now, I shall make the photos feel more at home in this blog.

5) Extra Column – for neater and tidier appearance, preventing too long a list of the single sidebar

Some blogger hacks I have included in the layout, a few preceded from previous template:

6) Navbar Hack – to remove the ugly looking blogger navigation bar

7) Peek-a-boo comments – so you can quickly view the comments without being redirected to the permalink of the post page.

8) Better Search Box – replaced old search with google in blog based function, much more reliable.

9) Expandable Navigation Tabs – to better organize basic operational links, such as contacts, blog links, profile, etc.

I am sticking to the classic blogger template for obvious reasons. One: being just too lazy to learn a totally different language for the new layout. Two: I am familiar with how the old coding works, thus I could work with it more efficiently. Three: I see no reason to change; there are not that many improvements in the new layout, other than customizable sidebar widgets. Four: ok I admit it I am just lazy. Bummer!!

I have designed the page purely based on my browser of choice: Internet Explorer (IE), hence it is best viewed with IE. I have found IE to work very efficiently for me and I tried really hard to love Firefox but I just could not. I know Firefox users will want my head on the silver plate, but if you view it with other browsers instead of IE, do expect tiny bugs there and here. Unless you have too much time to spare and are willing to fix up those bugs for me in compatibility with other browsers, just bear with it !!!

Do bear in mind that I am not a graphic/web designer, and I do not possess much knowledge and skills in such field. Nevertheless, I did what I can with my limited capabilities, and of course, ultimately came up with something clean and simple. I quite like the outcome, the entire layout feels a lot more cheerful and shinier now, less emo I dare say. Somehow, it feels right and it tells a great deal about me.

The template is still at its finalizing stage, as I will be amending bits and pieces there and here. If there is any good idea churning in your head now, feel free to share. If I find it not too boring, maybe I will make it happen. Like always, any feedback at all is appreciated.


  1. u know i'll always stay faithful to your blog no matter how it looks! peace