Saturday, January 17, 2009

Neverending Fashion Shows

I have not even completely covered all the fashion sessions I have been to last weekend, and something tells me I will be going to Pavilion KL to shoot the coming shows. Someone has started to brand me the fashion show freak photog, which is totally not true. I am not sure why but at the beginning of the year there seems to be plenty of these events happening throughout KL. I am not complaining, there are chicks to be seen and photographed for you beautiful people out there.

I have been contemplating on getting a flash unit for my camera system. After shooting under horrendous lighting situations, I do feel that extra unit of flash could aid me in several important ways: 1) Better lighting and exposure 2) Quicker shutter speed to avoid blur due to camera shake 3) to be able to shoot under lower ISO setting, with noise performance being Olympus users' nightmare and 4) Quicker and more accurate AF locking with the equipped AF assist lamp. 5) Wireless off camera flash capabilities !!!

Imagine the possibilities of creative lighting. And of course I would look a lot more pro too with the flash unit attached onto my camera... ahh but that is besides the point.

But the thought of forking out so much cash for just that single flash unit scares the bejesus out of me. It is not exactly a wise move at such difficult (yes economically the world is suffering) times. Spending any huge amount of money at all would not be advisable. Adding another item into my arsenal creates a need for a larger bag, since my current camera bag fits everything just right leaving no room for anything extra. Gosh...

Onto the fashion show, it was the KL Wedding Expo 2009 which was held at Mid Valley Exhibition Center. The previous session I have been to a couple of months back, there was Amber Chia, and it was my first encounter of shooting her. Unfortunately she did not make it this time, but the fashion show was nothing short of spectacular. There were many costumes that, none of us would even consider wearing for any weddings, but just cool to be watched live as a show there. No harm right?

Despite the lighting conditions being superbly set-up, I somehow messed up quite a lot of my shots there. I simply love teh strong spot lighting effect on the models, enabling me to shoot at shutter speed above 1/1000 seconds rendering the background completely dark !!! This was very desirable as it resulted on the models being popped out from the picture, and removing any distractions from the background. Even so, the background itself was plain and very pleasing to begin with. The organizers thought about the entire setup very well, and obviously catered them for the needs of the photographers present there.

I have shot so many fashion shows that I recognized some of the models. If you search through my previous fashion show coverage, you will most likely to find similar faces.

Chinese New Year is coming up. Anyone finished their shopping already? As for me, I am not planning to get any new cloths this year. I did not buy any for myself last CNY as well, so whats the biggie? I should seriously consider earning cash through photography to get me some spare cash to survive this expensive world.


  1. Yeah, write to the event organisers whether do they need an extra photog. Since you are appearing in all fashion shows, might as well be there officially. No harm trying.

  2. hey ven,
    ahahahha i do not think i would qualify though LOL looking at my current pictures. Still a lot to improve on.

  3. sui.. love them! hehee
    this is what i call sui!

  4. hey allen,
    ahaha yeah man.. the models are quite sui for this session ahahahah

  5. okay, set. i'm gonna get air ticket and arrange for my return to the west. LOL!

  6. Hohoho the models are quite cun ler ^^
    or maybe its your proness make them cun hehe..

    Btw, its time to change your bag for more gadgets :D

  7. hey allen,
    come come come !!

    hey jian,
    ahahaha yeah man, the models are quite sui ahahaha my skills have nothing to do with it.
    What gadgets LOL