Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Bought a New Phone

Yes, you heard that God Damned right. I have just bought a new phone.

Actually before this, I do not actually own a phone. Since that incident-that-we-shall-not-speak-of-again, I have not got myself a replacement and up till now, I have been using a spare phone provided by Chun Chow.

As I was doing my usual aimless strolling at Times Square, I came across their newly opened wing of Digital Center at 3rd floor, and in conjunction with their opening, they have some really interesting offers, like RM1 MP3 players. That was where I chanced upon Philips 192, a phone which would never appeal to anyone else out there but me.



I talked to a friend through MSN. Here was how it went, and somehow it summarized everything about the phone.

Friend: Philips huh? So what can the phone do?

Me: Well, make calls, and SMS?

Friend: Yes yes, but besides that?

Me: Ermm.. like what?

Friend: How is the bluetooth? Got 3G? Can connect to Wifi?

Me: No bluetooth. No.. none of the above...

Friend: Ohh... Can it play MP3?

Me: No...

Friend: The camera, how many megapixels?

Me: No camera..


Me: It is pretty basic. Got it for RM98.

Friend: The FUCK. Is that even a phone???

Me: !!!!!

Friend: You know Robin, you are ridiculously, hopelessly, helplessly weird.

Me: I know.

Surf the internet? I have got my own trusty Lappie.

Listen to MP3? I have the M:Robe (click), which functions pretty well still.

Camera? Hello? Do I have a camera?

So why do I need all those things in one phone? Would they not be redundant, and is it necessary for me to fork out that much cash for everything that I have already owned?

Well sue me for not being crazy over phones like any normal guy would. I mean come on, a phone is a phone, if it makes calls and does texts, then it has served its purpose well enough.


Why I bought this phone?

1) I do not have a phone now. I need a replacement.

2) It has the basic functions of calls and texts. More than enough for me.

3) It does not have all the whistles and bells like other phones which I would not use anyway. I like it easy and simple.

4) It looks good, and feels damned good in hand too.

5) I like the slim, small, and light weight (less than 60g, with battery !! WTFFFF) design. I love it black too.

6) It is damned cheap. RM98. Cant ask for a better deal.

7) It is an original Philips product, and I have a long trust and following of Philips as a reliable brand.

8) All simplicities aside, this phone has an incredible battery life that lasts stunningly up to 10 days. No kidding. It means I only have to charge it three times a month !!


I guess this particular phone is quite an interesting choice, because it does show who I really am. I cut all the crap, and go straight to the point most of the time. I enjoy simplicity, and I find joy in keeping things to the basics. Life is complicated enough, lets not make it any worse.

I am so loving my new phone.


  1. omg! just 98 ringgit! >.<

  2. hey allen,
    LOL u are not the first to say that ahahaha

  3. Hahahah, I so understand this. Cuz my phone is exactly like that. I mean, can only sms and call, a basic phone lah. Cuz I think like you too bah! Hahahah, only mine a little bit more expensive lah... lucky you, got it for so cheap.

  4. i was gonna recommend u a model.. considerably cheap for me.. but it's no where near that 98 ringgit. LOL!

    >.< in fact, it costs about 4 times more.. wtf.

  5. hey M,
    Glad to find someone who thinks the same !! yeah, its quite hard to find a phone at such price, guess I was lucky it was under promotion.

    hey Allen,
    LOL, which phone was that? me getting curious man..

  6. And I thought you jumped on the iPhone bandwagon.

  7. Way to go, Robin! You show 'em! :D Haha... you made really valid points. Just... it made me realize, do you carry your Ollie with you everywhere you go? O.o

  8. hey clara,
    LOL.. I do not mind having an iphone though, if its not that expensive !!! I do think its sexy.

    hey ann,
    aahhaah, I am one of the weirdest guys you have met right? how can a guy survive with this kind of phone LOL...
    I used to bring ollie everywhere, but not these days, Since that incident-which-we-shall-not-speak-of-again, I ought to be extra extra extra careful.

  9. Incident-which-we-shall-not-speak-of-again is actually the incident were you lost your Olympus E410, right? Am I right? I think I am right. Right?


    Man, the reasons why I get extra optional features are

    1) you never know when you need to use it.

    2) the optional features are not exactly useless.

    3) you can use your phone to online (with wifi or GPRS/EDGE/3G) and you don't have to carry your notebook with you.

    4) although I carry my camera almost everywhere I go, a phone camera is good for MMS, which I want to share with people on the spot.

    5) I don't have to like superbly good or beautiful phone but I certainly can't swallow an ugly phone with minimal functions.

    Robin, your phone is pure fucking horrendously ridiculously ugly.

    P/S : By the way, Nokia 1200 is RM90 only.

  10. ehh..actually a camera phone that can do mms is very handy :D in some situations..

  11. hey jason,
    that incident-that-we-may-not-speak-off has an important point which you have missed out my dear, I lost my phone.
    As for the features, I can live without them. They are USELESS for me.
    Tell me again why is that nokia better than my phone since it has none of your mentioned features?

    Hey Jian,
    MMS? is that not another reason to spend more money? I think I should start cutting off unnecessary spendings LOL

  12. Price wise, it beats yours by RM8.

  13. hey jason,
    For that rm8, I get
    1) Color display
    2) Slimmer design
    3) Super light weight < 60g
    4) Looks so much better
    Reasons justified.

  14. Hey jason,
    wow... i could not believe you would recommend nokia 1200... come to think of it... thats seriously ugly.

  15. the model i was thinking of going to recommend was Nokia 3120, i think. It's a cheap 3G phone.. i think it'll cost u about 450 or less.. not too sure. :)

    My friend just bought 3 of them, 2 for his parents, and 1 for the in-law. i think.

  16. hey allen,
    the beauty of getting a cheap phone like this rm98 philips is... I can get another phone anytime i want without feeling guilty. This could very well be a solid backup phone, or a second phone with another number.
    aahhaah... there you go jason. my rm98 is still cheaper than your meal at palette though.

  17. ah... i thought u wanted a phone better than 3200. I have a basic motorola phone actually. I could given it to you since I never really use it...for free! LOL.

  18. hey chun chow,
    ahahhaa, its ok. The good thing about this philips is that the sms engine is exactly the same with nokia, so i wont have trouble using it.

  19. have u been? it has been quite some time since i last posted any comment...**but i still read ur post kkk** lol...

    Wow..!! Your "new" phone reminds me of a type of seafood...--CRAB--!!....Grin!

  20. Ahaha... yeah. That incident-which-we-shall-not-speak-of-again (what a mouthful. IWWSNSOG?) Still baffles me how that happened.

    Anyway, nah, I don't think you're weird. Just refreshingly different, honestly. :) I like different!

  21. wa new fon....actuali u got ur point. n ur fon looks dun nid to worry bout cho lo a bit...and the best thing is, it's light!

  22. hey johnson,
    I take that as a compliment LOL...
    and thanks for reading all these while, appreciate that dude.

    hey ann,
    IWWSNSOAG LOL.. shall brief you the full details when Im back in Kuching for holidays.
    ahahh thanks for understanding. Not many people can tolerate having such a "different" phone.

    hey funkye,
    I hope it is tough LOL... yeah its super light !! It is so slim you wouldnt notice anything in the pocket too.

  23. Robin,


    *grins in the knowledge that I'm not weird*

  24. hey dienasty,
    LOL glad to know im not alone in this cruel phone-worshiper world.