Monday, January 26, 2009

French Girls Wished Me Gong Xi Fa Cai

I kid you not when I mentioned the title of this entry as "French Girls Wished Me Gong Xi Fa Cai". More details on that somewhere in the middle of this entry.

So it was the first day of Chinese New Year, and celebrating it away from home was not exactly something exhilarating. Plenty of people gave me that one kind of look as if I was doomed to hell if I did not make it home for this auspicious celebration. I know it is against traditions and God knows what other forbidden unspoken rules out there to be away from family, but hey if I was given a choice I would definitely have made the right one.

Note: Click on the picture to see its awesomeness.

Under my given circumstances, which I do not wish to discuss openly, it is crucial I do not make it home this CNY. All I can hope for would be understanding and encouraging words from people who found out that I am not going home, but unfortunately that is too much to ask for and all I have received so far were reminders of how my parents would miss me, how it was a horrible thing not to abide by the tradition, and gosh, I just wish people could be less depressingly demeaning to talk to sometimes. Stop asking questions when I do not feel like answering, and please, stop with the lectures. They just made me feel a lot worse.

I planned on waking up as early as 7am to make it out from the house to satisfy my itching lust on snapping pictures. Nevertheless, being alone on the first day of CNY was more saddening than I thought it would be, so I got off bed around 10am. Storming out the door with an unexplainable smile on my face, I took the LRT to Plaza Rakyat Station. It was disturbing how so many people told me how empty and ghost-town like it would be on first day of CNY in KL. Apparently those were merely fictions, the LRT was jammed packed like any other usual days, and the streets at the heart of KL was flooded with massive traffic. You would think that many of those people walking around were not Chinese? Think again. It was comforting to know I was not alone in some strange ways.

The sky was breathtaking on this first day of CNY, and I gladly made full advantage of it by going full on landscape mode with my camera. I have been wanting to just walk around aimlessly and snap random pictures of the scenes as I see and come to it, but this was always less exciting when the sky was blanketed with thick ugly white clouds. Sky was dramatic and clear today, and somehow it calmed my soul as I looked deep into it.

In the span of just a couple of months, I have come across 2 abandoned motorcycles, most possibly being stolen and both were left approximately at the same spot, near the Dayabumi building. This particular one had the front tyre being ripped off. I find it rather inviting as I was staring at it under the hot sun, hence I turned my LCD monitor on for the live view and lay the camera low on the ground to capture this shot. The angle was slightly off since I was having difficulty of viewing the monitor under the strong sun glare, but I do like the turnout of the picture. I have to stop bumping into these kind of things, it is getting scary I tell you.

As I was walking away from that missing-tyre bike, I was stopped by two gorgeous looking girls. They were asking for directions to the Lake Gardens, and I asked them for specific spot since the Lake Gardens is quite a huge area covering the Bird Park, Butterfly Park, Orchid and Hibiscus Garden, National Monument, Planeterium, National Mosque and many other tourist attractions.. all congested in one spot. They opted for Bird Park, and since I was not doing anything and not in any urgency to go anywhere, I offered to guide them to the Bird Park, which was quite a walking distance away from where we met.

Apparently both the girls came from France. One was studying, and the other was working and both were stationed in Singapore. Since it was CNY holidays, they came with some other friends to explore Malaysia. It was great seeing people coming from other countries and doing the tourist things in Malaysia. Then Sonya asked if I was Chinese.. I said I was.. and the next thing she said to me shocked me out of my bananas...

"Xing Nian Kuai Le... Gong Xi Fa Cai !!!"

She spoke FLUENT Mandarin I tell you!!! This was the first Chinese New Year greeting I have had (the ones I received few days before the holiday, and through phone or SMS do not count ok?) and it came all the way from France !!

How unexpectedly sweet and charming.



Note: Sorry if I get the spelling of the names wrong girls.

Apparently she studied Mandarin before, and can converse very well in it. That somehow put me to shame, since my Mandarin is... ermm.. nowhere near something I could be proud of. It was nice meeting them and getting to know them a bit better as we were on our feet to the Bird Park which took us almost 30 minutes.

Arriving at the Bird Park, I asked if I could join for a glass of cold drinks at the Hornbill Restaurant & Cafe (situated in the Bird Park) and they agreed !! Therefore, I took the opportunity to snap their pictures. They were waiting for another friend, and as the friend arrived, I went off.

So there you have it. My first day of Chinese New Year 2009. Who would have predicted that I would be greeted by French girls. More importantly, as I looked into the sky, it was blue. And I smiled.


  1. The weather (and skies) was great. How I wish I could just go out and snap some pics instead of spending my time sleeping. :P

  2. I heart the sky! Whooaa! Drooling!
    It's been cloudy here in Kuching.

  3. hey guys.... wtf... its 1st day of CNY go get yourself busy with something !! LOL read blog pulak...

    hey chong,
    I thought u would be busy, or else I would drag you along.

    hey allen,
    come KL man.. come come

  4. good for you, robin. :) glad the day turned out really well.

    here's hoping you have a wonderful new year ahead.


  5. hey aaron,
    thanks man !!! I really appreciate that.

  6. hey i know exactly how u feel about dealing with questions that u just don't wanna answer. i won't tell u so can read that in my latest blog entry!

    and for the record i'd definitely trade my chinese new year for an experience as impromptu as yours! i practically see my relatives a few times a month so apart from enjoying chinese new year goodies, i don't see how much i'm gonna miss if the festival gets erased from the face of this earth! did u get the contacts of your 2 new friends? can go visit them in france!


  7. hey marcus,
    OMGGGG U have a blog?? When where how what???
    Eh my story has not ended yet.. went out at night.. got more juicy stuff ahahha coming entry...

  8. here u go!


  9. hey marcus,
    wtf... U got me excited for nothing ahahaha

  10. hey man...happy chinese new year... wad juicy thing? walao faster update liao.. btw french gals r hawttt! i'll nvr get such experience in KOOCHING..sienz.

  11. hey funkye,
    Gong Xi Fa Cai !!!
    Ahaha yeah they were hot.
    Come to KL man... more happening here.
    Aiyaks.. I baru updated few hours ago lerr.... wait ya ahahah

  12. soon soon..
    soon if i get an employment secured there.. LOL

  13. hey allen,
    yeah man make that employment happen !!!

  14. Awww... Robin! *hugs* I'm never one for those CNY must do this, must do that rubbish too. Just do what you feel is right. :) And I'm happy to see that you're in your own element snapping pics too! Gorgeous pics as always... funnily enough, I love the mutilated motorcycle's angle. It's different.

    Ahaha... the french girls shocked the pants out of you. I always find it really sweet that foreigners take the trouble to learn more about us. What's sad is that... these people are not from our country and know quite a lot... but ask a normal KL person where is Kuching and they will tell you either 1) it's in Sabah or 2) we live on trees.

    Happy CNY to you, darling! :)

  15. hey ann,
    thanks !!! I love the motorcycle too.. ahahha..
    yeah I guess it is best to tell the foreigners that kuching is in Borneo, im sure they would know. I told the French girls bout borneo, and they said... theres Malaysia there too? LOL...
    Gong Xi Fa Cai !!

  16. Nice photos and not coming home for CNY got nothing wrong at all. It's very normal. Happy Niu Year to you.

    It's so boring this year... So quite...

  17. hey irene,
    thanks !!! Wah so quiet meh in kuching? what happened.. thought it would be so happening one...
    Gong Xi Fa Cai to you too !!

  18. And you said you don't have your own me time or time for yourself to do nothing.

    You have the time, but you just can't sit in your room to enjoy your me time and spend it outside taking pictures and torturing your camera.

    Me-time? Puke.

  19. hey jason,
    its 1st day of CNY lar... wtf...
    depressing if I stay in my room ler.

  20. woahhhh
    CNY go kao French girls.. XD geng lor you..

  21. hey jian,
    of course, ahahahah

  22. Fu yoh~! Chun!
    Eh Robin. I second you! You make the right decision for not going back! ^.^