Sunday, January 11, 2009

First Model Shooting

Side Note: Click pictures for larger view. I know you want to !!

It was one ridiculously early Saturday morning that I woke up even without the sound of the annoying alarm, even earlier than my usual waking hours during working days. I got off bed without hesitation.

There was a model shooting organized by fellow forumers of (unofficial Malaysian Olympus and 4/3 user group) and since I did not make it for the previous one, I have promised myself to make this session happen. I have shot fashion shows, and portraits of friends before, but those should not be considered anything near to a model shooting.

There were two models brought for the shooting session, covered by 7 photographers, which was very flexible and comfortable for everyone.

Having a smaller group of photographers allow us to have this privilege of not being overcrowded like other forums with their model shooting sessions having over 30 photographers shooting just 3 models. Imagine fighting with 10 more other photographers, squeezing your way around for your lens to work that frame. Total nightmare !!!!

Thankfully that was not the case for us this morning, and there was almost no waiting period at all. So to those of you who still think belonging to a group of camera users just because they are the majority is the good choice, think again. It has its DISADVANTAGES as well.

The two models were Gaya and Cheen. The one model I shall cover in this entry would be Gaya. The shooting venue was at Bukit Jalil Park, and it was also my first time to the park.

Since this was my very first time, of course there were many things I was not exactly that familiar with. The setting up was rather interesting, as many of the photographers would prefer to use additional lighting even under bright sunlight !!! That means positioning external flashes around the shooting venue by mounting them on tripods, and then being controlled by the camera (All Oly cameras these days have wireless flash capabilities).

I toyed around with the flash mainly to test out the wireless flash functionability for the first time ever with my Olympus E-520, and I can comfortably go home with the fact that there was no fault found with that feature in my camera. Everything seemed to work rather fine, and gosh... wireless control, that was something new and rather cool to me.

Nevertheless, I have opted to shoot the models only with natural lighting, since the morning weather was unusually cloudy and the sun was adequately softened to produce a diffused light effect over the skin. It would have been a completely different case should the sky be clear and the sun being harsh, casting deep contrast and ugly shadows on the faces

I do believe cloudy days work wonders for portrait works, especially in the morning. Of course we were not shooting during ungodly golden hours (just as the sun starts to peek out). . I do believe the distribution of the light was sufficiently brilliant without any aid of external flash.

I shall save my flash learning session for another time.

Coming from a person who has not shot models before, may it be outdoor or studio, I do believe it was not a simple task. Photographers should work cooperatively with the models in terms of getting the shots that were desired. Poses and directions of style must be made clear, an open and effective communication must be opened between the photographers and the models.

I guess I am terribly lacking in this area, and I went to the shooting session totally unprepared. I should have done my homework in researching for the theme and poses that I would want in my picture output. Nonetheless, I did what I could on the spot, and just worked with the situation, and in my opinion some of the snapshots come out rather beautiful.

Note to self: Always be prepared before a shooting session.

Another one of the mistake that I have innocently committed was focusing too much only for half body, or upper body shots. I have been shooting head and shoulder shots, or just purely headshots a little too much, and somehow I have very little variety of picture output. Me having the tele-zoom lens mounted did not help much, since the coverage was not wide enough. I was lazy to switch lenses, but hey, if I was desperate enough to get the shots, I guess I would just have to go that extra mile.

Alright folks, that is all for this entry. There will be a continuation on the coming post, with pictures of Cheen. Do give some feedback on my very first attempt in model shooting. Do not be so fierce lah, cut me some slack also after all we are all learning here.


  1. hey dude! i think u can still afford to reduce the size of the thumbnails cos when i see them, i didn't feel the urge to enlarge it. but i did anyway and the enlarged ones are not significantly bigger than the actual thumbnail. just my 2 cents worth cheers...


  2. hey marcus,
    thanks for the feedback. Ahahah the thumbnails are not supposed to be that small, its meant to display the pictures as they are. There are those pixel-peepers, people who scrutinize every pixel of the picture who would think that you cant judge a picture based on such tiny size, so i made it a little larger for them to see comfortably.
    And of course, i cant make those enlargement too huge.. or else 14 inch laptop users would have me grilled over and over !!

  3. Not pretty one. :P And her face is kind of emotionless. More importantly, she looked constipated. Haha.

  4. jason, jason....
    isk isk isk.... dun complain so much... shes heaps better than a lot of others I have come across...

  5. hahaha u two are cracking me up! hey robin, u can always come back and visit me in spore. after all u did say spore girls are hotter and dress better than KL girls. whoops! :P


  6. hey marcus,
    ahahaha sure thing man !! the next time im in singapore i shall be there longer.. and take more pictures !!!