Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First Model Shooting 2

This is the second part of the model shooting entry, and the spotlight this time will be on Cheen who was Gaya’s friend.

Shooting models outdoor for the first time, there was this rush of excitement that crawls underneath the skin. It is difficult to fully describe it, but I do get a certain amount of such thrill every single time I try something new with the camera, and it just gets better and better as I continue to learn and improve on my shots. Photographing people is not easy. Like any other forms of photography, more than often the pictures would come out looking overly ordinary (which is the case of this session, my own fault). Challenges on both creative and technical sides have to be considered and addressed carefully to achieve outstanding shots.

On technical side of things, there was the skin tone to take into account. In portraits it is crucial to get the skin tone properly exposed. The other photographers have engaged the help of wireless external flash systems to further illuminate the face/skin of the models, ensuring even exposure and adequate brightness. Capturing the right skin colour was also necessary to produce natural and real-looking results.

Additionally, shadows and highlights should not be present on any part of the face unless certain effects were intentionally introduced. Deep shadows or over-burned highlights will cause the skin to lose the essence, while the evenly exposed skin/face will not only be gentler on the eyes but the ideal balance is very much desired in enhancing the innate beauty of the model.

Most professionals prefer light and pale (low colour saturation) to bring out better tonal balance, and apply lower sharpening to obtain softer and smoother skin appearance. Interestingly, I chose to set aside most of the considerations I have mentioned above, and just snap sharp, contrasty and deep coloured pictures, but at the same time trying to bring out the right skin tone. I am still new, so nothing wrong in trying something I devise by my own, no?

On creative side of outdoor portraiture works, I have come to almost a complete failure. It was not simple spotting the right background while considering all corners to alleviate any unwanted distractions off from the picture framing. My usual composition abiding the famous rules of third does work to a certain degree, but was unable to bring out the best of the models. Having no experience in directing the models on posing and expression styles, my captures just could not turn into anything out of the ordinary. Nevertheless, it was not a complete loss; at least I have had a feel of what to expect when it comes to a shooting, and as the next opportunity arises, I will be more prepared.

On the whole, I do like a number of pictures that I have churned out, and the fact that this was my first time, I was quite satisfied with the results, though obviously they can be improved in every corner.

On the lighter side of things, the models were a great fun to work with!! I would be looking forward to model shootings if all models are as cheerful, friendly and as fun-loving as Gaya and Cheen.

My shooting for the weekend did not end here. Right after the model shooting session some of us went to the PWTC Youth 09. On Sunday, there were several sessions of Fashion Show at Mid Valley and I happened to be there. Those shall be up on coming entries.

Do expect to see heaps of girls.


  1. great shots...

    i'd generally try to avoid extreme closeups of faces (u know gals dun like to see all those wrinkles and pimples on their face) like no 5

    my favourites are the 3rd and 8th one.

    if u've got an interesting / distracting background, try the 35-100.. DOF at f2 obliterates everything in the background out of focus! :p

  2. hey brandon,
    Thanks man..
    yeah the girls will always blame their imperfections on us photographers.
    F2.0?? Gimme one of yours... or else I wont be able to afford one ever.

  3. haha.. u've got mfahrur, ciklee and cicak from the forums to borrow this spectacular lens.. ask them first instead of me.. if i'm in KL, of course you can have a go at it :p

    dun worry.. after working for a few years, you'll land your hands on one for sure.. :D

  4. hey brandon,
    ahahah crazy... wont be able to get one for myself.. so blardy expensive.
    Perhaps if i switch profession or something... hahahaha

  5. leng lois leng lois...nice one.

  6. hey funkye,
    ahahaha thanks man.

  7. Woots.. Leng lui.. and and *LOL* --> yeah the girls will always blame their imperfections on us photographers .. Don't like that :D

  8. hey ahlost,
    but its the truth !!

  9. You use picasa to edit your photos?

  10. hey sam,
    I use ACD editor 7.0 powerpack as my main editor, supplemented by Picasa for quick adjustments and resizing. But I use picasa online albums to host my pictures.