Wednesday, January 14, 2009

DSLR Myths

There was this period of time when my old camera (a Kodak budget compact) had died and I was deciding on which camera to get as a replacement. During that brief duration of time there are many people who tried to sell me different thoughts and opinions.

A large number of those poison-spreaders pointed my direction to DSLR the most notable one being jasonmumbles and I have been stormed with countless reasons on why I should be using a DSLR. However, after having one myself, and using it for a while now.. there are just some facts I was told previously that could hardly float on water. Here, I shall list down the myths.

Myth 1: With a DSLR, no matter how you shoot the photo will come out nice.

Truth: It takes a lot more time, knowledge, effort and work to produce good pictures with a DSLR.

Myth 2: All good pictures must have good bokeh (blurred or defocused background) and DSLR can help you achieve that.

Truth: I do agree that DSLR helps to achieve better bokeh, but a great photograph does not necessarily need any bokeh at all. I personally prefer tack sharp images from frame to frame, depending on shooting conditions.

Myth 3: DSLR outperforms a compact camera in every photography aspect.

Truth: Now lets talk about macro performance. Many compact cameras nowadays offer built in macro close up capability as stunningly near to the subject as 1 cm. For DSLR, you will need a macro lens, and baby, it ain’t cheap.

Truth: Besides macro performance, how about the flash sync speed? Built in flashes on DSLR has common limitations to shutter speed of 1/250 seconds or slower, which cripples the possibility of achieving achieve high speed photography on DSLR with built in flash in comparison to compact cameras.

Myth 4: Image Stabilization (or known as Vibration Reduction on Nikon and SteadyShot on Sony) works wonders. It eliminates all blurring due to shake.

Truth: Image stabilization reduces blurring due to hand shaking, but it does not completely eliminate it. Furthermore it only works to a certain extent under permissible circumstances.

Myth 5: Skin will appear smoother and physiques will turn out slimmer and more attractive if you shoot people with a DSLR.

Truth: I do not have to explain what a bullshit this is, yet so many ugly looking girls will hopelessly expect their pictures to miraculously transform into sexy beach models being taken with a DSLR. If somehow you could not fulfil their ridiculous fantasies and they are not happy with your pictures, they would turn into lionesses and chew your balls alive. Fun facts: What you see in the mirror is what you get captured on the camera.

Myth 6: Do not worry if you could not get the shot that you desire, you can make anything happen with Photoshop (or any Photo-Editing software).

Truth: I believe Photo-Editing is necessary to further improve or enhance an already good and usable shot. It should not be applied excessively which would negate the original art of photography.

There are a lot more myths to be added to the list, but I guess I should make a stop here before it goes too long.

As I have mentioned on the earlier entries, I have been to the Mid Valley on past weekend and shot a couple sessions of Fashion Shows, themed Chinese New Year. Nothing particularly stunning about this session I am posting in this entry. LIke usual I always have complaints on the distracting and messy background setup, rendering the entire picture very cluttered and missing the focus on the models.

Also the lighting was quite badly setup, not being evenly distributed over the entire stage, as the models walk around there were parts of the place which was rather dark.

Limitations aside, I do like the outcome this time. I shot everything in simplicity, and I guess sometimes we do not have to worry that much but just enjoy the shooting process, as well as the fashion show itself.

More Fashion show pictures coming up in following entries.


  1. I kind of agree to most of what you say except myth 1 and 3. :P

  2. hey jasonmumbles,
    LOL... now we all know where myth 1 and 3 come from eh?

  3. myth 5 had me cracking up in laughter. :p

    till i've enough money for a dslr, i'm sticking to compact cameras. then again, i don't really know how to use a slr camera, so will have to reconsider when i indeed have the moolah. hoho!

  4. Good sharing!
    Gee.. but will go thru the points again tmr.. when more awake.

    Gee.. I wanna move back to KL.. >.<

  5. hey silveraven,
    LOL.... thats the common case dun u think? Yeah DSLR is not a cheap investment, do think carefully before u jump in. But I do believe u have the potential !! Super steady hands remember?

    hey allen,
    ahahha u reading blog while u were asleep?? LOL

  6. "I guess sometimes we do not have to worry that much but just enjoy the shooting process, as well as the fashion show itself."

    As long as you're having fun, that pretty much cover what photography is all about.

    As for compact camera, they will literally be tortured if they fall on your hands. Only DSLR could take the beating. Geddit? :D

    And yeah, Myth #5 cracks me up real good.

  7. hey chong,
    yeah !! The fun factor must not be erased from the equation.
    LOL... I am still contemplating if I should send my compact for repairs. If it costs not that much, i was thinking why not.
    ahaha.. myth5.. I guess we have all encountered that a little too often.

  8. i like this article by urs. as a beginner with DSLR, this is a very useful information and knowledge!

  9. hey TommyM,
    glad that I could help mate. I am also a beginner, so we can all learn together. Keep on clicking the shutter !

  10. re-read! i'm all agreeable to all your points! LOL!

    no lar.. i was about to go to sleep that time. hehe.. was bit excited, so stayed awake extensively a lil bit. Hehe.. :D

  11. Hohohoh true true..

    including myth 1 and 3 XD

    I ever see people who take photos with DSLR but the result is @@..more like using phone cameras..

    with compact.. sometimes the composition can be better as its small and it can go anywhere.. any small corners dslr couldn't..

  12. hey allen,
    whoah u actually re-read it ahahahaha... i seldom would just skip something that I have come across before... LOL.. I get what u mean.. sometimes eyes just could not stay open already !!

    Hey Jian !!
    Ahahaha yeah man.. tell that to Jason and see what he says to you LOL....

  13. LOL! i must show my support ma! LOL!

  14. hey allen,
    Thanks !!!! LOL.. Kuching photogs rock !!

  15. Myth 7: a DSLR user will take ages getting ready for a shot before he finally decides to take the actual photo. a non-photographer watching close by will probably have fallen asleep or lose his patience.

    truth is, now that i've accompanied u shooting, u don't take ages to prepare. very efficient and your shots turn out great!


  16. hey marcus,
    LOL thats not entirely true, I still take some time to fiddle with the settings and prepaaring for a shot. But that only apply for still subjects !!! Imagine a walking chick on the fashion catwalk stage... gotta be lightning quick to make the shot happen!!

  17. lol.. i suddenly remembered your ranting about bokeh once.. while you were still here in Kuching. LOL!

  18. hey allen,
    I think that was when I was in KL already lar...

  19. myth one is sooo true. many pictures around the internet taken with a dslr is just "nothing to shout about". Anyway, mine's no where great either.

  20. hey ven,
    but I have seen your site, some really impressive pictures there !!