Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Christmas Performance @ Dataran Pahlawan, Malacca

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So I was at Malacca for the Christmas weekends with my group of friends, and we went for a landscape shooting at the city area. After done being baked under the sun for God knows how many hours and getting satisfied obtaining the shots that we all wanted, we all craved for somewhere with air-conditioner, probably to sit down and have a nice glass of cold drink.

Oneof the nearest shopping malls was the Dataran Pahlawan, hence we made a quick stop there.

Coincidentally, as we arrived at the center stage area, there was something happening there that gathered a huge crowd. It was a Christmas dance performance. Me and my friends looked at each other, and we started to pull out our cameras again and commence snapping the pictures !!

It was really great seeing the locals doing something lively and entertaining for the seasonal celebration. I know Christmas has been commercialised in every single way that everyone could ever thought of, but still the reason why the business could sell is the spirit of celebration itself. I personally love Christmas, and I celebrate it more in regards of the religion faith itself, carrying the birth of Christ as the reason of celebration.

Nevetheless, I welcome the commercialized version as well, and it is in this time of love and sharing that people come together and be cheerful. Too bad it is not as big of a holiday as it would be elsewhere in the world such as Singapore, Australia or other Western countries. It would be nice too having real snow for Christmas.

The dance performance was really energetic, none of the dancers stopped moving for more than one second, and they cover the entire stage, moving around and around. I guess the upbeat background music that somehow interestingly has characters from Disney cartoon world gave the entire stage act a humorous boost. The kids loved it, I think even the adults adored it, and I simply think it was tremendously enjoyable.

Too bad, Christmas is over, and it is 2009 already. I somehow did wish to spend Christmas with my family, but too bad circumstances did not permit. I shall make it home next year, if everything goes according to plan.

So guys, what did you guys do for Christmas?


  1. No problem viewing ur layout with my little lappy :D

    and how i wish we have snow for christmas.. they should make an indoor snow machine and make it snow inside during xmas. since snowing outside is soooo impossible.. "right now"

    haha i actually wish I could spend my xmas in a nice cozy cafe.. and start online and draw miao.. till some people came up and say xmas to me and say how they like my miao.. hahahahahaha

  2. hey jian,
    ahahah if they have that snow machine and snow inside the shopping mall... dangerous lar.. might get stuck in some ah ma's nose and she choke and cannot breathe... how?? aahhahaah...
    I would walk up to u and say happy christmas and say I like miao ahahhha...

  3. dude..
    ur site is best viewed in IE.. bt i dont even have IE on my machine.. :( boo hoo..

  4. lol! i'm viewing on my 13" macbook

  5. hey allen,
    ahahaha sorry... my bad.. im no web designer... dunno how to make it compatible across all platforms ahahaha