Thursday, December 25, 2008

Singapore: The Night Scenery

Side Note: I am getting old. Turned 24 today. So what have I done in my life so far?

And so the major event of my Singapore brief trip over the weekend: The Blogger's Christmas Party was over, what did I do right after that? Gee, I had quite a few choices actually. I could tag along some awfully hot chicks and party all night either at the same club or crawled to other beautiful clubs of Singapore, or... without needing any saying.


I would choose to do the photography option of activities for the rest of the night, working my Ollie which I faithfully brought to Singapore with me. The night was still very young, so we decided to capture how Singapore looks and feels like during dark hours.

Since the party was held at DXO, which was interestingly convenient, just right beside to the Esplanade, we just had to walk a couple of minutes to the Marina Bay. Gosh, upon arrival, I was speechless to begin with. The views from the river front was just spectacular, and like usual anything to do with building skyline of a gigantic city with waters reflecting it would turn out to be something breathtaking. My pictures do not do justice in recording the feeling of awe I was in as I was taking them.


Note: Silly me for not using the hood on my lens, the flare was irritating.

Thankfully the weather was rather fine, and it was quite pleasant to walk around and work my camera. I dragged my tripod along with me to Singapore, and it proved to be damned useful especially in situations like this: taking night landscape pictures.

Though KL is not exactly anywhere smaller than Singapore, but it was quite a struggle to locate an appropriate look out point for city landscape picture. Titiwangsa lake is just too far away to capture any stunning shots, and some of the best KL night scenery shots are either taken from the top of buuildings, or some God forbidden hills. Even so, the pictures are nowhere as breathtaking as what you find in Singapore.


My trip to Singapore was not disappointed as I managed to grab some really nice shots !! There are not many instances that I have been truly happy with my photo turnouts I must admit.


The only complaint I would have was not having more time to slowly explore other places. That was the only destination we headed to at night. Nevertheless, I do believe this was not my last visit to Singapore, and I dare say I love seeing what I see there !!


  1. Very attractive pictures of the scenery!

  2. hey alienTYC,
    thanks dude !!!

  3. you're only 24..?

    Young! >.<

  4. hey allen,
    old oledy lor...

  5. happy bday dude! many many happy returns!


  6. hey marcus,
    thanks man !!! You rock !!

  7. i like the first two pics. perhaps i'd photoshop it to ensure the verticals are at least 90 degrees? its just me being picky i guess :p

    pity oly doesn't produce PC lenses