Saturday, December 27, 2008

Singapore: By The Day

And so the brief adventure of Singapore continues, I must apologize for dragging the series this long, but I do feel the necessity of doing so since I have plenty to share with you beautiful people out there.

After taking the night sceneries of Singapore mainly at the Marina Bay/Esplanade area, we got back to Orchard Road really late past midnight. We had a quick stroll along the street, continued snapping some Christmas sceneries of the area and grabbed some quick bite before retiring to the Marriott Hotel for the evening.



So the Saturday has ended, and I dare say that considering the right schedules and extremely restricted time we had, it was a day well spent. Now, what was the plan for the coming Sunday?

Jasonmumbles, the cool dude that got me the invitation to the event wanted to maximize his free stay at the hotel, and basically savour everything it has to offer for the half day we had on Sunday before heading back to KL in the afternoon. I have no objections, since most people would do the same, stretching and squeezing every little bit out of whatever that could be consumed.

However, I have an entirely different thought. Considering the fact that the stay was free, I could afford to skip the luxuries, and planned my walkabout around Singapore, doing my best to cover as much ground, and snap as many good pictures as I could under such tight schedule.


Note: Marcus, great shot !!


That means, no sleeping in till late, and rushing out from the hotel at ungodly 7am in the morning to maximize whatever time I had left in Singapore.

Jason thought I was insane. I think most of you would feel the same too. I do not blame you guys, it was my first time in Singapore, you could not possibly expect me to sleep it all in till departure !!!

So Marcus came all the way to the hotel to meet up with me, and off we went for shooting spree. We headed to the Chinatown area and visited one really awesome looking temple right at the heart of the city.

I shall cover this temple in another entry in near future. A satisfying photo session ensued, and right after that we flew back to the place where we were the night before, the Esplanade, and I managed to capture some really cool pictures of the scenery there again, this time in bright daylight. I could not believe my eyes, but the views were even more impressive under the harsh morning sun !!



It was really refreshing doing the tourist thing again, and seeing different places and explore different cultures. I have had dozens of Singaporean friends I have known from my days of studying and working in Perth, and half of them would be more than willing to axe me should they find out that I visited Singapore without letting them know in advance.

It was too much of a rush, and I barely had time to catch my breath. Nevertheless, I did what I could, and I was glad with it. As for some of the Singaporean friends whom I have been dying to meet, I am sorry, I am sure there will be future more proper and longer visits to this wonderful land. Coffee and dinners would compensate for the lost times.



I do not how you guys would think of it, but I think Singapore is an awesome place. Shopping there is almost like heaven when theres heavy discounts, and to be honest it is really comfortable to see clean streets, and I mean squeaky clean everywhere !! Not to forget I have known many awesome people there. There is just so much to love about it !! The sky seems much blue-er in Singapore. 

Now I am already daydreaming on my next visit to Singapore. Garrhhhh..


  1. hey allen,
    ahahaha me too !!!!

  2. same as me. I tot of going S'pore this year, but did not make my word "One day..."...haha

  3. hey johnson,
    yeah man !! Singapore will be waiting for u.