Monday, December 22, 2008

Singapore: Before the Party

It was one of those really hectic Wednesday afternoon, when I was rushing a mountain of paperworks, and answering some client requests over the phone. Time was short and too much needed to be done, and the same was for almost all the colleagues sitting within my vicinity. At such rush, you can barely find any hint of smile on anyone, since all were occupied with probably a thousand and one things.

And the Jasonmumbles called me on my cell.

"Hey Robin, wanna go to Singapore for Blogger's Christmas Party this weekend? transport + stay all paid for."

I have not been to Singapore before. Without much thought, I instantaneously said YES.



And then almost all heads around me turned towards me, because I had a huge, and almost permanent grin on my face for the rest of the afternoon. I was going to Singapore for the first time in my life on the weekends !!! How can I not smile out of total excitement? I have heard tonnes and tonnes of awesome thing about that country, and this is my first chance of ever witnessing it with my own eyes, and recording it with my own camera.


So what was the fuss all about? Apparently the blogging advertising agent, Nuffnang was organizing a Blogger's Christmas Party for Singaporean bloggers, at Singapore, but decided to invited a number of top Malaysian bloggers to join them down there. Each blogger going was allowed to drag along one unlucky guest which must be a blogger as well. Jasonmumbles, one of the shortlisted/invited bloggers for the event somehow managed to push all the sexy babes around him aside and grab me to go with him to Singapore instead !! I love you Jason !!


The journey to Singapore was a free bus ride, which started from KL all the way down to Singapore which took more than 5 hours on land. This was also my first time taking such a long bus ride. On the bus there was the bunch of wacky bloggers, all looking forward for the party the same night. Like what bloggers would do, the bloggers all started camwhoring once stepped into the bus, and I did not lose out on this.

After such dreadful journey, we arrived at our destination, the Marriott Hotel at Orchard Road, one of the most congested places in Singapore at the moment due to sales, and the festivity. Yeap, you heard that right, Marriott Hotel, the Pagoda shaped hotel building as shown in the picture !! Now how many times have I stayed at a 5 Star hotel before? Hmmm... I shared a room with Jason of course. It was quite a nice place, but we did not get any great views from our windows. Nevertheless, it was quite a comfortable room and such a pleasure to stay in.


Our stay there was only 2 days and 1 night. We departed from KL at 10am, arriving at the hotel at 4pm, leaving us only less than 2 hours before the event of the night, the Christmas Party. And the party was going on until late, and that left us with very little time to walk around for sightseeing, or even shopping !! For the girls, it would be a sin not to shop at such time of the year in Singapore especially of you are at the Orchard Road district. As for me, it would be a sin not to spend time snapping some pictures for you beautiful readers to see !!



Marcus, a great friend whom I have known from my residential college days in Perth came all the way to greet me at the hotel itself upon my arrival !!! How nice of him to find me so quickly. I shall talk more about this awesome dude in my coming entries. Making use of the extremely limited time we have, I dropped everything at the room, and brought my Ollie out, storming the streets of Orchard Road for photos with Marcus as my guide. An hour or so of street photography, capturing the spirit of Christmas in Singapore was something simply enjoyable.


Note: This particular shot was taken early morning, the day after the party.

Christmas on Singaporean streets was so alive. You can feel the warmth radiating from the decorations placed everywhere, inside and outside the shopping places. Yet, I was told that this year the decorations have been scaled down due to the economic recession recently. I would not say that Malaysia decorations would have been any less grander in comparison, but the feeling was somehow different if you ask me. It felt closer to Christmas being here in Singapore, and the crowd jamming the entire street just added to the atmosphere, though this may not be to everyone's liking.

It was quite a quick stroll, but I managed to grab some shots I was satisfied with. I even went in a few of the shopping malls just to have a quick look. All was rather rushed, and I was back to the hotel for a change of clothings, preparing for the following party. That party, shall be in another entry.


Note: This is the same Marcus who has been my regular blog commenter since my early blogging days !! He has never missed reading any entry before here. Thanks for the loyalty man !!

Given more time, I am sure there are more things to capture along Orchard Street, the place that has always been popping out in conversations I have heard amongst my Singaporean friends. I was truly glad that I made it there, and at this auspicious time approaching Christmas.

Coming up next would be the first Bloggers' Christmas Party. Now, I shall tend to my much needed rest. Cheers guys !!


  1. hey Robin! i submitted that shot to Playgirl's Under 30 Singaporean Bachelors Calendar 2009. They said i'm not what they are looking for! of all the nerve! LOL


  2. hey, so you do enjoy it ya? :D

    when wanna come here for abit longer? hehhe


  3. hey ming,
    OMG which Ming of many Mings I know from Singapore is this?? Ming See from OCF??
    Yeah I will make a trip back some day, not so soon im afraid.

  4. man.. i should make a trip to spore too! >.<

  5. hey allen,
    yes yes we should go together gether !!!

  6. DUDE!

    I have always been yearning to go to Singapore to have my Christmas countdown. I remembered i went there for countdowns, it was just so GRAND...SUPERB..the involvement of the crowd. It's amazing compared to kuching. lol...miss Singapore like mad.

    Yea, my dad told me this year the atmosphere in S'pore is kinda cold compared to the previous.

    Anyway, thanks for this tempting post!

  7. hey johnson,
    LOL !! I have not experienced singapore countdown yet.
    Yeah, the atmosphere there is heaps grander than what we get in kuching. Kinda wish to go there again man.

  8. Wow, that must be fun! Didn't go to Geylang to check out meh??? Wakakaka

  9. hey neo,
    wanna go also no time to go ah !!! So rushed.

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