Friday, December 05, 2008

Shibaraku Japanese Cuisine

Please do forgive my over-enthusiasm over updating my blog on the Ipoh and the surround places which I have visited recently, considering that there was still an entry left I have not posted from my Malacca trip which was even a week earlier. I have been travelling on the road far out of KL for the past couple of weeks, and for this coming long weekend, I have decided to do more homely activities. I seriously need to just sit down in front of my computer, listen to my favourite mp3s, watch dramas and just edit the pictures as time goes by, forgetting and ignoring anything that is happening around me.

On my last day in Malacca 2 weeks ago, Frederick suggested to have lunch at Shibaraku. Believe it or not, I used to have a Japanese food craze attack for a shot period of time at the end of last year in Perth. Part of me never really got off from thet obsession, and has always craved for Japanese food from time to time. Unlike Perth where you can find cheap and budget Japanese places anywhere in the city, in Malaysia however even a cheapo sushi is regarded as something of a restaurant standard !!! Since I am currently earning a lot less (no longer in Perth boo hoooo) and Japanese food is not exactly cheap by Malaysian food pricing standards, I gotta eat less of any of it. Sad choice, but it has to be done.

When we were at Shibaraku, we have taken notice of an on going in house promotion of a set of sampling meals which originally cost a whooping RM65 but was stripped all the way down to just RM28 !!!! Since I knew Chun Chow was crazy about Japanese food as well, he agreed for us to share that particular set order. And it came with many, many rounds, and we had quite a handful of fun photographing each nicely crafted servings. The way the food was presented was nothing short of spectacular, and each of the servings look as if they hold their own values of art. I think the huge portion of the price was attributed specifically for the tedious preparation of the food itself. Just look at the pictures, some of them look so beautiful that it would have been a sin to destroy them !!

I would say that there was nothing much to shout about in terms of taste and quality of the food. At the original stated price of RM65, one would have been better off chowing away happily at one of the more popular Japanese buffet places with perhaps more varieties of food to choose from, and definitely unlimited quantity to guarantee a full stomach for the money you fork out. Nevertheless, since this was a special promotion during my visit, so it was not too bad. Spending less than RM20 per person for all the food you see in this blog, is really nothing to complain at all seriously !!

I am, and will for a long time ahead crave desperately for Japanese food. I have fallen in love with salmon, and all its variety of Japanese dishes. I shall set this desperation aside, or else I would never be able to save up enough cash for that next lens I was aiming for.

My birthday is coming up. Anyone kind enough to treat me to a nice Japanese meal?


  1. since u are such a foodie i trust your judgement on its taste. yeah your photos sure make it look nice and tasty. and the presentation is spectacular! so gourmet looking and even if it were RM65 its still considered cheap to me cos after converting to SGD, its quite ok for spore standards. of course it would be good if it tasted just as well as it looks!


  2. Evil you...... foood... makes me hungry.....
    hard to keep my diet like that wei!~~ LOL!

  3. robin, feli here la... ('cos you question mark-ed my nick in the previous comment :p)

    after i get my first paycheck, look me up. i belanja. this only applies if we're in the same city. muahahaha~!

    how's the cold?

  4. birthday coming right?
    how about Jaya Jusco sushi?
    ada 15% before the shop closed ler...
    *stingy cat*

    wahahaha joking joking XD

  5. hey marcus,
    thanks !! Gosh those food sure look really good, but yeah, after sampling what we had in Perth, theres really nothing that special about them. LOL... evul you convert to sing dollar...

    hey allen,
    ahahah hungry is good !!! We live to eat wei...

    hey silveraven,
    ahahaha I know youre felliiiiii... just a bit puzzled about the chicken soup LOL....
    Yalor yalor.. one of these days must meet up. Where are you currently ah I am so blur...

    hey Jian,
    yerrrr... this cat so stingy one ahahha i'd rather make my own sushi LOL...
    nolah nolah... that was just a joke only... but if can must meet up go makan something eeehehhehe...

  6. I hate that place. Nothing is nice.

  7. hey jason,
    i can understand why... the taste was not that good, but hey, you have to give credit for the way they present the food.