Saturday, December 06, 2008

Just be a Friend, ok?

I was watching this one episode from Friends (if you do not love that show can take up a screw driver and stab it in your own eyes) in season 4, the one with the cat. Phoebe thought that the cat that she found was her mother who died long time ago, visiting her. Unfortunately, the rest of the gang found out that the cat actually belonged to a little girl who has posted the lost cat notices all over the places.

Everyone else in the group was reluctant to tell Phoebe about the lost cat, but Ross stood up and this was the bit of the conversation that led to the part that I felt really touched about.

Ross: Enough is enough, I am sorry about you spending time with your new mum, but this is NOT your old mum. This is a cat. Hoolio, the cat. Not mum !! Cat.

*Phoebe puts down the cat...

Phoebe: Ross, how many parents have you lost?

Ross: ..... none?

Phoebe: Then you don't know how it feels like when one of them comes back, do you?

Phoebe: I believe this is my mother. Even if I am wrong, who cares?? Just be a friend, ok? Be supportive.

That last part spoken by Phoebe was unbelievably sensible, in her own ways. Sometimes, we do things that people do not accept, but what separates those who choose to leave you behind for who you are and what you do, and those who stay and support you no matter what: is friendship. Friends are supposed to be there, setting differences aside, and accept each others weaknesses, not exploiting them and make a whole huge deal out of it.

Sometimes, in the midst of angry misunderstandings, I just wish to scream out loud: Even if I am wrong, who cares?? Just be a friend, ok? That is all that I need.

That is all that I need.


  1. Nice meaningful post :)

    But not all I know are being supportive. Some (especially in working world) are just being b*tchy and start to use weaknesses/faults for their own good. Sigh...

  2. hey chong,
    ahha yeah, friendship is hard to find these days. I guess thats even more true in work place. People are just too busy watching their own backs I guess...

  3. Is our friendship real then? :D

  4. @jason
    Hahaha if you believe its real then its real XD

    The post really is meaningful :)

    "so bila wanna be supportive and financially support me on a L lens XD" <--just a joke hahaha

  5. Shit... I wouldn't want a girl to tell me something along that line.... or 'friends forever' >_<

  6. hey jason,
    I never questioned the validity of any friendships LOL

    hey jian,
    thanks. Wah... me financially also cannot support my own lens leh ahahaha

    hey fish,
    everything starts from friendship wad.. if you are not a friend to the girl how would you know she is will not turn into an ugly monster and chew you alive?

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    hey marcus,
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