Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Gua Kek Look Tong

Besides savoring all the lovely dishes in Ipoh and visiting Kellie's Castle, we also made a stop to the cave in Ipoh itself, which is named Kek Look Tong.

This was my first trip down to Ipoh, and I did not expect to see the entire place being surrounded by hills which were made of limestone formations. Those hills have somewhat provided a very scenic touch to the Ipoh landscape. Under such conditions it would only be natural to exhibit quite a few large sized caves, which in turn would draw the attention of the public. This particular one that I have visited has become one of the religiously significant place for the locals.

This was not my first encounter with a cave before, since we have had our fair shares of caves back in Sarawak, much grander ones I must add. Unfortunately, it was quite a rushed visit, and judging by what I have seen there, I could spend hours and hours photographing around.

The entrance was rather huge, and inside the main body of the cave there were huge statues of worship which I have not much knowledge of. People flock the place for worship and prayers, and at the other end of the tunnel, it leads to a huge garden which was quite well maintained. There were insects of many kinds flying around, bees, wasps, dragonflies (ok I will never get tired of them), butterflies, beetles and many others, some I do not even recognize.

The greens and water at the place, surrounded with naturally formed towering rock walls, and plentiful of greens on the horizon, it truly is a joy just being around there.

I was wishing I had a wide angle lens, but I guess I was just asking too much. I tried to fit as much as I could, but it was all restricted by the limitations of my lens. Nevertheless, I did not have that much time there that time, so I just made a few very quick snaps before we ran off for lunch.

On a separate note, I have finally watched Batman TDK. I have quite a handful to say about this installation of Batman, but I will have to reserve them since the heat has been long died off. I did enjoy the movie, and I enjoy Ledger's interpretation of the Joker. It was really too bad Ledger will not be around for the coming sequels.

I think I am catching a cold. I sneezed and sneezed and sneezed the whole day through. Any quick and effective remedy for a cold?


  1. hey silveraven?
    Chicken... soup? for the broken soul?

  2. dude that is an awesome park! or maybe it just looks extra great in your photos! spore doesn't have such nice parks like that!


  3. u used CPL filter again in this post right? i didnt expect the effect to b that great where u get dont get either the ground or sky over exposed. guess its time to invest in a good CPL lense for myself.. thx for the samples u've shown anyway haha

  4. hey marcus,
    Im sure there are nice parks in Singapore !! Ive seen some really good pics before...

    hey The One they Proclaimed Qiang,
    Whoah.. long name you have there, kinda cool tho...
    Thanks for the compliments, and yeah I did use the CPL, but the budget cheapo hoya single coated one. Would have been better with a multicoated one I presume. Yeap, with CPL you get a very evenly well balanced exposure across the frame, ideal and useful for landscapes. You will be amazed how much impact it will add to your photos, provided its a sunny and clear day.