Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Cause

The PC Fair these days have evolved so much that it was not that much like what it was used to be years before. Of course people from God knows where still flock the place somehow unexplainably but the set up and strategies in grabbing the massive crowd's attention has become, somewhat more and more irresistibly attractive, and this makes absolute sense literally, I kid you not.

I have one friend who has not been to PC Fair in KL for ages, and it was a sudden shock to him when he visited the recent one. Though many of us, including me has known the fact that the girls (promoters or brochure distributers) dressed nicely, or rather as minimally legally revealing as they can for the nerds and pc geeks to feast their eyes on. Many of them are rather pretty, with almost model looks (note the word almost) and some of them are just, well, how do I put it, simply ugly. Somehow, not only the parade of sexily dressed girls as promoters attracted the attention of normal pc shoppers or ordinary audience, but photographers, or wannabes like me from all around the places as well.

So each and every PC Fair, there would be flocks and flocks of photogs with huge cameras, and possibly more and more DSLR users went for free round of so called model show shooting spree. It has become such a significant part of PC Fair that the girls dress more and more revealing selection of clothings and thicker make ups as the PC Fair evolves through time. Now a huge number of people who go there not only want to buy stuff, or hunt for the lowest bargains but also scope lovely adorable chicks to have their photographs taken, and it does not even matter if you just use your crappy 1.3MP camera (just admit it, its crappy) on your mobile phone. Just join in the crowd, and go along with the hype.

After all these while, I would think that one important part of the job description as a show girl PC Fair "promoter" will definitely be: pose for all camera users and smile the best you can, and be friendly to those with bigger cameras or more importantly bloggers so that they wont write bad things/reviews about the products we are selling based on your interaction with them.

Previously, the models would be a little hesitant, or reluctant to strike a pose, as they were too busy doing their job whatever their job would be but these days, it was a stark contrast I tell you. As I held my camera on my hand, they just.. well, somehow went into auto mode as if they were made to respond to cameras when they see one. I was... stunned. But of course for many of them, I would still go and ask permission first, but somehow things were quite different either.

Previously my conversation was something like this...
"Hey may I snap your lovely pictures please?"
Then followed up with some chit chatting or bargaining process and.. well.... lets skip the whole boring process and you know how it was like this time?

"Excuse me, may I....."
I was halfway through my sentence and they were ready for my camera already !!!!
WTFF !!!

It came to a point that there were some models, I only had to point my camera at them and they would just make themselves available for the camera, ignoring the crowd around them !! Simply magic I can assure you.

No wonder more and more photographers or noobs like me are contributing to the sardine packed numbers in the exhibition halls. And what are the causes of the slow moving crowds on the walk paths? Right, models posing for camera people who take their sweet time adjusting camera settings and getting the right focus, while the people would have to wait, or walk side ways away from the promoter/girls/photographers as not to disrupt the holy process of portrait shooting in such horribly lit condition. No wonder the massive jam, and slow moving crowds.

Alright I should stop crapping about the whole situation here, since I was also one of those mentioned wannabe photographers out there.

So do tell me, which of the girls you guys like?


  1. I only took 2 photos XD wahaha
    too crowded d.. and I hate crowds XD lol..

    Some more I was carrying both my lappy bag and camera bag..feel bulky.. XD

  2. hey jian,
    wah lau, i carry ur stuff around with u in PC Fair ah?? that must be very tiresome !!
    I carry my camera bag only feel like wanna die oledy...

  3. hahaha Robin dude! u getting luckier and luckier with girls!


  4. hey marcus,
    ahahaha, nah, it has nothing to do with luck !! It is all skills I tell you.
    LOL who am I trying to fool ahahahaahah

  5. yes! all skills! u are certainly getting very good at it! and people are certainly not complaining when u post more pics of girls! LOL


  6. hey marcus,
    LOL was just kidding ahaha no skills one lar...
    ahahah... dun think will have that many more girls coming up from my blog anytime soon though unless some events happen in these few weeks that i do not know of ahaha

  7. hehe.. i just like their outfits.. :P


    I would join you as one of the mentioned photographers there.. i don't mind...

    then again, I hate crowd... =.=

  8. hey allen,
    next year pc fair come come come we go shoot again

  9. Robin, you takde Eva pic ar?..

    She's the girl with a red long dress..can't remember which booth 1 hahaha

  10. hey jian,
    wahh.. eva? LOL i dun even know any of their names.
    Maybe I have, i only posted a few that I think are nice lar ahahahah.... maybe i missed her out somewhere.

  11. 3.2MP Camera Phone still consider Crappy or not? :P