Friday, December 19, 2008


This marked my third time visiting the bird park in KL, and the reason I was there this time was to bring a friend (who is crazy about photography as much as I do) there. Since I have blogged about the place before, I shall cut down the redundancy, and just post up pictures I have not put up here before. I have also taken significantly less pictures, probably around only 50 or less pictures, since most of the birds were almost the same anyway since my last visit. Nevertheless, there is always the challenge in improving the shot that you have captured before, and trying new techniques, or styles in compositions.



(Jian will love this picture)

As we were shooting on, we found something rather, disturbing. Not surprisingly this picture reminds me of some people that I do know in real life.


And after all the bird seeing, it was already late afternoon, and of course we all get hungry, no?

What better food for lunch than roasted bird on a plate served with salad and fries?


It was my first meal in Nandos and I do find myself enjoying it tremendously. The bottomless drink was a welcome after a hot morning of shooting.

I have been occupied with too many happenings around me lately, and a lot of them occurred rather unexpectedly leaving me little room to breathe and adjust myself to. And as for this weekend, it shall be my first ever trip down to Singapore, though it will be a brief one, I am truly looking forward to it.

I think if I do not take a break from all this hectic rush soon, I will most certainly break down. I kid you not.

I just need to sit down in front of my computer sipping away a giant mug of iced milo without having to worry about anything else in my life right now. I just need to stop the speeding train of thoughts flashing through my mind.

Holidays. Soon. Must. Survive.


  1. wow your shot of the colourful beak is so impressive! and yes, that shot of the bird eating another little bird does remind me of others too!


  2. OMG OMG... Toucan~~~ *hearts~*

    but the photo of the chick is a sad 1...

    by the way, bro, your shots is improving :D..

  3. Your photos are getting more and more amazing! You are good!

    So stop moaning and worrying and take more great photos to share with us!

    (BTW its me 'unker francis' lah posting under my 'new' URL of sort - check it out)

  4. great pics of the black hornbill, unique angle and great contrast with the black background.

    been doing some graduations too, check out my latest post.

    oh yar.. better wish u merry christmas before i forget. i'm having some steak, ham and stuffed chicken for dinner :P


  5. hey marcus,
    yeah, we all come across those kind of cannibals.

    hey jian,
    ahaha toucan !! Last time didnt take much, this time take one good one for u ahahahah

    hey unkerrrr !!!!
    thanks !! Ok ok I shall complain less ahahahah

    hey brandon,
    thanks man. ok stop with the food thing because you know I could do more damage to you with malaysian food ahahahah