Sunday, November 09, 2008

Zoo Malacca

So what was my idea of breaking away for the weekend and taking a breather? Running out from the city of course, and catch up with some awesome friends. I made a brief and rather unplanned trip down to Malacca, spent a night there. I had lots and lots of photo-shoot sessions, makan sessions and stroking balls (tennis) sessions. I dare say a normal weekend could never get as good as this. I probably have had everything I could ever wished for all in such a short span of time.


Note: the squirrels were running freely, and it was not difficult to spot them everywhere, but the task of taking their pictures could be challenging. They do not stay at one spot for very long, and you could not get that close to them. They love to hide in shades too, which could be a disaster for long zoom pictures. But I just ADORE their looks !!!! You have got to admit they are darn loveable. Just like me.

I slept unusually late on Friday night coming home from watching Quantum of Solace (latest 007 feature) and doing some last minute packing. Taking an early bus in the next morning, it was a wonder I could ever wake up at all. I arrived at Malacca late morning, and Fred fetched me up and off we went to the Malacca Zoo for a round of photo-shooting. I maximize whatever time that I have, and I rarely miss out on anything. No time to waste when you have reached a certain age of your life, you just keep having the feeling that the time will never be sufficient for everything you have thought out to do. Time management is a joke.


Note: Any Malaysian students going through ordinary curriculum through the school years would have known of the tales of the mousedeer, or Sang Kancil, the smart and mischievous little creature that always get away from the predators with really silly and lame tricks. Seeing them up close, they do look very charming. The large eyes really grab your attention.


Note: I like the way he was staring at me when I was clicking the shutter on him. Seldom get this kind of eye contact though !!! Many of the animals would just turn their back on photographers.

Note: You have got to love the Black-ringed Lemur after watching Madagascar. I think everyone is pretty much looking forward to the second installment of the movie coming up this December. For some reasons the ones found in the zoo here were somehow, overweight?? Or were they supposed to be this fat?

Zoo would not probably be the first thing that came to my mind, but I figured it would not be a bad idea, since I could put my tele lens to use. The Malacca Zoo was not at all a small place, and the variety of animals on display were quite satisfactory, enough to keep me and Fred busy for hours !! It was not exactly the best time for photoshooting, since the sun was already high up in the sky, casting very strong hasrh contrast over the subjects. Too many blown exposures and shadows in our shots, but nevertheless, being there itself was rather entertaining itself, and there could nothing be more fitting to do upon arrival at the new place than snapping the pictures.


Maybe it could breathe fire??


Note: So this was where Wolverine got his inspirations of his X-Men uniform from. Gotta say though, his Black and Yellow spandex looks kinda ridiculous. Not that Batman, Superman, or any other superheroes look any less awkward.


The day was unbearingly hot, but the work with the camera was really fulfilling. I have shot almost every animal on exhibition, but I only show the few that I really like, and of course, no repetitions from the previous ones that I have shown on this blog in my entry on Zoo Negara a while back.

So there you go, the first activity that I did for the past weekend.

I should get out of the city more often !


  1. i like to move it move it! LOL that movie is soooo good! and those animals sure look a lot cuter under your camera's eyes!


  2. hey marcus,
    LOL cant wait for the movie !!

  3. where's the red panda?

    btw i just watch Madagascar XD
    it was awesome!!!

  4. Wow! National Geographic shots! :D

  5. hey jian,
    what red panda?

    hey allen,
    LOL... thats too far fetched !!

  6. wah.. just how close was the lemur to you? 1 meter, or u cropped the pic?

  7. hey brandon,
    non-crop, around 1.5 meters away. That explains the alerted eyes ahhaaa...

  8. lol.. must have been startled seeing you point a big gun at it :p

  9. hey brandon,
    ahahha i guess so, but he was staring at me for quite a long time ahhaha

  10. Loving your photos Robin! Awesome stuff mate :)

    Hope all is well in Robin world. M'sia treating you well?

  11. hey clara,
    thanks !!! Malaysia has been alright, but I do miss Perth.
    Miss those dim sum times with you nadia and bruce !!! Cant find people to do that here yet

  12. say... this post reminds me of.. Madagascar the movie.. showing in the cinemas now..

  13. hey allen,
    ahahha indeed !!

  14. Hey Robin! Long time din't dropby.
    I seriously like the Raccoons!!!!
    Why din't you catch them dancing in packs?! ^.^ Jk~

    Yeah can't wait for the movie. I know many of you had watched them. But up to today I yet to! >.<"