Thursday, November 06, 2008

Walkabout Much

I have been going around much during the past weekend. I walk a lot, it is one way to momentarily forget whatever turmoil that is going about in my mind, and just breathe the ever polluted air of the big city. It gets your heart racing sometimes, and seeing things around you helps keep things in perspective.

And sometimes the best photo opportunities happen at most unexpected places. I have had the habit of bringing my camera to wherever I go to, to capture those one time only chances.


I have oversaturated this picture a bit, I tried not to shoot subjects like flowers directly under the harsh sun, but the clouds was just not going to appear anytime soon, so I had to just make do with the situation.


Anyone has a stolen bike? Contact me, I shall let you know where the photo was taken. It was already.. ermm... in pieces though.


Maxis doing some serious promotion to con grab more victims over their side. I could have asked them to pose directly for me, but I was lazy and just took the picture on the fly.


I do not exactly like taking pictures looking up, but this gives quite an interesting perspective. Sunset time, and the sky was uninterestingly undramatic, covered completely with white clouds. But the soft lighting gave a different impact on the building.


On the other side of the sky, was rather clear and blue.

Yes, even to this day, I still look to the sky.

I could not believe I have been blogging for 3 years in a row now. And look how far I have come, and how much I have documented in my life. So much has happened, and life still goes on.

The sky may never stay the same, but I still keep my chin up. No matter what.


  1. I like the picture of the motorcycle. Perhaps you could increase contrast to give it a more gloomy, old school look, but its good as it is already. Have you seen my new lens post on the forums lately ? >.<

  2. It's nice to have a walk sometimes. Especially when our mind is clogged up with unwanted things/problems/thoughts/bullsh*ts and etc. But then, these are just temporary 'getaway'.

    It is also challenging to walk around with our camera in hand especially in Malaysia. You'll get unwanted attention from both sides (the good and the bad).

    However, as u said, one might be amazed what one could find while having such journey/walk. Things we aren't able to look at from passenger/driver POV in a transport.

  3. hey brandon,
    thanks !! i love that pic too....
    but i wont add too much contrast though, it might appear too shadowy.
    What lens?? OMG.. how many lenses do you plan to devour?

    hey chong,
    yeah totally agree with you on the different points of view only obtainable by walking around.
    I do think that, no matter how temporary the "gateaway" is, walking is still by far the least harmful, and cheapest way to do so compared to so many other alternatives out there.

  4. hey u should take more arty pictures! i love your blog robin! keep blogging!


  5. hey marcus,
    thanks man !! yeah i should be taking those random shots... but that also means I have to bring my camera out more often. Like chong mentioned, its not exactly safe to do so in the streets of malaysia ahahahah

  6. the totally vertically one looks familiar.. i think i know where that is.. i think i took the same shot before.. :P

  7. hey allen,
    aahahaha... come to KL we go find together..