Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Tower

This is one of my favourite shots. I had quite a lot of patience in waiting for this scene: 1) For the busy road to be emptied of cars, 2) For someone to walk pass the front of that building, and the most challenging of all.... 3) Having both 1) and 2) coinciding each other.

Of course, the building was slanting a little, thanks for me getting overly excited when pressing the shutter as I saw the opportunity and forgetting to make sure the vertical was vertical. Also, my timing was a little off, I snapped the picture a split second too soon, should have had the person smack in the middle of the pillar. Oh well, I shall be more precise the next time I attempted something like this. I do like the outcome of the scene very much though.

It does tell an interesting story. Can any of you guys figure out this picture?

Gosh it is only mid of the week and I feel like I am immensely burned out already. I wonder if I would ever recover all the energy I have lost.

I think I am getting old.


  1. Old and new? Big and small? Static and moving?

  2. hey jason,
    yeah somewhere along the lines of those... but theres also something else ahahahah

  3. *thinking* ......

    3 hours later... *still thinking*

    Screw it.. I demand for answer now!!

  4. boy you sure have the patience.. =.=

  5. hey chong,
    LOL !!! Patience....

    hey allen,
    ahahha im known for that

  6. Hey Robin,

    I actually saw you taking the picture along Jln Raja Chulan last Saturday evening..

    Really nice pictures you have on your blog!

  7. "There's always a best thing behind" ? "missed something nice" ? :p

  8. hey ktpm,
    thanks !!! You sure you saw me? I was already at one utama before 6pm though for the 3rd anniversary flyfm thingy

  9. hey molicuva,
    nolah... something more about myself ekekkekkeekeke

  10. Hey jason,
    your question answered LOL...

  11. er.. looking up into the sky?

    p/s: this piece rocks!

  12. hey allen,
    answer is revealed LOL.. thanks

  13. Err.. around say Saturday 345pm thereabouts, white shirt, black shorts...

  14. But still I think it's great job! ^.^

  15. Did you... by any chance went to Taylors for SAM in 2002?

  16. hey shinky,
    thanks man !!!

    hey ktpm,
    nope I was never at taylors, in 2002 I was in Inti College Sarawak.