Friday, November 07, 2008

Sunset Bridge

On one of those routinely mundane days at work, a randomly abrupt decision was made. Wenda, another person crazy enough about camera at work asked me for a shoot-out session at Putrajaya. How could I say no, right? So I went along right after work, just in time to catch the sunset view over the bridge.

Unfortunately, or rather something that has become a norm when it comes to weather expectations in Malaysia, the sky turned out uninterestingly dull. Even the sun was blanketed by the ugly clouds the moment we arrived at the bridge. The bridge has quite an unusual design structurally, with steel cables being placed rather unconventionally, providing plenty of freedom and flexibility to frame the pictures. Nevertheless, I was quite unhappy with the sunset lighting.

When I was just about to stop shooting, the sun peeked out from the clouds. Since it was sunset, the direct harsh rays illuminated the entire scene with rich, warm, reddish tone. Now the pictures were getting more dramatic!!! At least it was not a total loss if you ask me. I actually quite like some of the shots here.

Originally we planned to do night shooting. For some unexplainable reasons, it appeared as though we were not meant to do any photography activity at all that night. It freakingly rained right after sunset, and worse, the lights on the bridge and buildings were NOT TURNED ON !!! Probably the economy condition of the country at the moment is far more alarming than we thought it is. So much for the anticipation of capturing the spectacular putrajaya lightworks at night, with the sunset photos being put aside, we basically went home with empty hands.

I suddenly have the urge to just grab my camera and travel away from this depressing city. I feel like stretching, and spreading my wings, and see where the wind takes me.

I need a break. I think I seriously do.


  1. nice! i need a break too.. seriously!

  2. ah.. the putrajaya bridge.. finally you took it liaw... haha. no matter how many thousand times it's been taken by dunno thousands of people, it still look good..

  3. hey allen,
    aaahhaha come KL take break !!

    hey chun chow,
    eh u never seen my previous entry on the bridge before???
    they didnt turn on the lights lar WTF

  4. i like the clean composition in #3, but the golden skies in the later ones. I would have underexposed the sky by 1-2 stops to get more contrast. but overall great pics :)

  5. hahaha ur break is like few hours break eh? XD

    I think you sure bei tahan later XD

  6. hey brandon,
    ahaha thanks. I have already underexposed by 1 step, but the sky was to be blamed. It was rather dull looking, and the foamy clouds did not help at all.

    hey jian,
    break away to MALACCA woo hoooo what few hours ahahahahhha

  7. im suppsed to be in kl this weekend! LOL planned for a weekend visit one.. but can't go due to the project on hand.. >.<

  8. hey allen,
    ahahha.. this weekend canot come?? good, coz im not in KL, im at malacca at the moment.
    Come next week !! Come come come !!!!!!

  9. LOL! no money lar wei!!! but hopefully soon lar..

    There's a definite weekend I'm heading over in march..

  10. hey allen,
    march AH? AIYOOO so long from now larr... ahahhaaha...