Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Out From Malacca

It has been quite a few days since I stepped out of Malacca which I visited briefly during the weekends. I can't help but still daydream about it sometimes.

I was surprised that I did not take as much photo as I usually would on my travel, probably partly due to the reason that I have visited Malacca quite a few times this year, but also more importantly, I am getting more sure of the shots I am producing. There were plentiful more of hits than misses this time around.


This was the desert recommended by Jian, and first time trying it, I dare say it was darn good. I would have gone for two if I knew it was that good.


It was really tricky getting this shot right. The problem lies in trying not to overexpose the water at the background, since it was reflecting bright lights from the jetty. Heh, forget HDR techniques, I prefer shooting the frame as it is.


Apparently shutter speed of 1/1600 seconds is not sufficient to fully stop a tennis ball in motion. Gosh, how fast does the ball travel?????


No matter how things turn out to be, like this loveable Lemur, I too, always look to the sky. I guess that takes me apart from many people surrounding me. Many do not see what I see in the sky.

If everything goes well, I am foreseeing more trips down to Malacca again in coming weekends, and I wont be going alone for the future trips. Gosh, I just can't wait thinking of the tennis sessions, photo-taking sessions, and yum cha sessions with beautiful people there.


  1. what lens did u use for the tart shot? i like the jetty water shot too! sweet!

  2. oi oi, fred's left arm is suppose to go down when serving. need improvement on that.. not that I'm any better also lol. wah since when u got a pancake man?? miss it too much liaw ar?

  3. hey allen,
    thanks !! first 2 shots with pancake.

    Hey Chunchow,
    nah, i got it second hand this time, no money liaw..

  4. egg tarts! i used to eat so much of them after dim sum in northbridge LOL! funny how i used to hate them before stepping into perth along with chicken feet. i think i only tried the Portuguese kind once so far...


  5. hey marcus,
    now that you have mentioned the dim sum in perth i do regret not having them more often when I was there !!!

  6. Yours truly now have an all free pass to Malacca Zoo. :P

  7. hey jason,
    since when you turn into an animal lover?

  8. They gave me the pass so that I can storm to the zoo for news/events without having to tell them my purpose and get approval from whoever is in charge, not to go see those horrendous animal. They ought to be eaten. :P

  9. hey jason,
    admit it, you love animals !!! Now start shooting some pictures.

  10. OMG~! What happen to my left hand ?? so cacat now already ... =.=/// sorry sorry... i will try to do correction ASAP k... :p

  11. hey molicuva,
    aahhahha... tournament coming up ohhh... good luck !!

  12. Love the lemur shot - I like the way that its all grey and then you have the lemur's face smack in the middle of it with the striking orange eyes!

    And the jetty shot! I can honestly say I've never seen a "reflection in the water" photo like yours. I love that it's just the reflection of the lights rather than a defined reflection of buildings. Purty!

  13. hey starryluvly,
    Thanks thanks thanks !!! Yeah, the light reflection was really special, i really put a lot of effort into that shot, not easy at all !!!!! Because the water was so choppy and it could get quite messy.
    As for the lemur, it was all editing works, ahahaha, producing black and white takes off the distraction, and only selective coloring on the eyes draw the direct attention to it !!