Friday, November 21, 2008

The Story

Alright I have unexpected garnered weird amount of responses regarding the previous entry I have posted in black and white, in less than 12 hours after the post, more than 10 people asked me what the picture actually meant !! I was really taken aback.

It is very subjective really, there is not an exact right or wrong answer, I am sure everyone has their views and ways of interpreting the meaning of the picture. Nevetheless, this was what I really thought of when I was taking the shot, and the real story I wanted to share through that KL Tower photo.

It was all about being out of place and out of time.

The guy walking pass the old building symbolizes myself. The background is a contrast of an old building, blending completely out of place into such a modernized giant city of KL, and of course the tall prominent KL Tower literally proves the location of the photo being in KL. The person appearing in such a small scale in the frame looks so misplaced in the picture, everything just felt so disconnected there.

I guess the whole story was about me and what I feel about myself now. I do not exactly know if I am sure of what I am doing currently, and for what I know, if I do not make the right decisions soon enough, I will be living my next 10-20 years in regrets. Out of time is the second thing I am portraying in the picture. The old building has already been abandoned in favor of the peaking development in the city. I might be left far behind, if I do not catch up with the world. And it does feel as though the luxury of time is running thin somehow.

So yeah, does that explain the picture?

I do not expect anyone to see it completely though, I mean, it was my picture after all, and I was the one planning and taking it, and it may not necessarily get the message across right away, but what I found rather unusual was that, it got quite a lot of people into deep thinking. Which was a good thing, in a way, I supposed. The one guy closest to guessing the true meaning was Jason Lau, and it was no surprise because he is one of the few remaining old friends I have now since secondary school days.

I shall leave you guys with another picture here, taken not by me. It was shot with a superzoom Olympus SP-570 by Frederick, he has started his blog here, so do go and visit. I think he has some real potential.

I do think this is a powerful shot he has produced. I did some cropping to erase the cluttering top portion of the picture, and over sharpened the image to bring out the bold look.

Nevertheless, those were just minor tweaks, and the picture has to be done correctly in the first place to give the maximum impact. Kudos Fred !!!

Weekend is around the corner, more opportunities to snap pictures I must say. I am currently moving more and more comfortable to the way my pictures come out to be, I sure do hope you guys feel the same.


  1. yes i agree! your photos are getting better and better and i love looking at them! but please...bring back the camwhoring!


  2. hi, behind the modern, there is owes something that is being left behind. however, i do think that the left behind ones are something that are more worth noticing.

    im in china now, seeing how large is the difference btwn rich and poor. reality is cruel, what we sud treasure is the existing conditions. bad, but we ever experience it, which is still consider good. good, treasure more:)

    from, ming

  3. hey marcus,
    aahaha thanks... but but but these days getting old already lar... how to camwhore ahahhhahah

    hey ming,
    whoah u are in china now ?? cool man.. can take lots of pictures ahhahahaa...
    Yeah I do agree with you though that it is the old era that is worth noticing on whatever traces that is still left visible today. it is demeaning to just see them disappear bit by bit.

  4. Expressive.

    I cannot comprehend. System overload.