Tuesday, November 18, 2008

FlyFM 3rd Anniversary Celebration Concert

I have been very tired for no reasons lately, I have no idea why, it is like no matter how much I sleep it does not seem to be enough.

Hence until I recover to my usual self, I shall refrain myself from talking much. But I do have pictures to show you guys, especially those ones I have taken during the FlyFM 3rd Anniversary Celebration Concert. This entry will cover all the artistes and local bands that performed before Jaclyn Victor. Of course, after Jaclyn, I made an exit from the show since I was relying on the not so reliable public transport in KL to get back home, and it was already unspeakably late.

I do love some of the pictures, hope you guys like it too !!

That was all for my coverage of the event. I thought it was rather enjoyable, and I am really falling in love with concert/live performance photography !!! Capturing the lights was just simply thrilling, and doing so while enjoying great music being played right in front of you, blasted at extreme volume was just my kind of thing.

If I were to go serious into this category of photography, oh well, plenty of upgrades on my collection of equipments are absolutely needed. And I have not the cash, life is so unfair.


  1. i like the third picture.. full of energy with the slow shutter speed. if ur concert photography is already that good, imagine what you could do with a 50-200. one of my pal's selling on ebay if ur interested.

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  3. hey brandon,
    thanks !!! But I still think theres a lot to improve on ahaaha... my reaction to the actions on stage was pretty slow...
    50-200mm would be awesome, no doubt... i want one, but cant afford anything at the moment.
    I am saving up for flash first. Figured flash is really useful in my shooting environments.

  4. Yeah.. will need a better lens for such shooting.. I'm with you.. and yes.. I dont have the cash to buy those lenses at the moment.. haha.. :( sad..

  5. Interesting shots. Was thinking if u got any shots from Battle of the Champions...... Erm... the Roger Federer & others match live in KL?

  6. hey allen,
    yeah !! I so need a better lens man... come come sponsor me LOL...

    hey anonymous,
    I was planning o go to the tennis games, but unfortunately I had some other plans so yeah, kinda missed it. Btw the tickets towards the further front (important to get good shots) were ridiculously expensive !!! Maybe next year when I have better equipments.