Monday, October 13, 2008

To Malacca and Back in One Night

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For the past weekend, my life was suddenly swarmed with so many things that I could barely find much time to sit in front of my PC at all. The previous week was flooded with preparations leading up to my company’s annual dinner which was last Saturday night, and unfortunately I was the emcee for the event. Whole Saturday gone just like that, for rehearsals and the dinner itself. Sadly I had to ditch a friend who came all the way from Malacca for a brief holiday in KL that same day who sought me out for a cup of tea.


When I finally stepped into my room right after the midnight of Saturday, coming home from the Annual Dinner, I thought I could finally breathe for a little. Then plans were made with Frederick, the friend who came from Malacca, and we had a catch-up session the following early Sunday morning, which actually nullifies any extra sleep I was hoping to get. While I was doing my routine online checking my mails and reading some random blogs before I crashed motionless on my oh so comfortable bed, Chong asked me if I wanted to join him for a trip down to Malacca at ungodly 430am in the morning. At the time of instant messaging through MSN, it was roughly 3 hours away from the intended time of departure. As much as my body was screaming for me to stop and just float on the bed thoughtlessly, and as much as my mind wanted to just switch off right there and then, I really wanted to say yes. Unfortunately, I have said yes to Frederick earlier, and I can’t afford to ditch him twice, since I could not join him on Saturday.

So I said no to the Malacca plan.

The next morning, I reluctantly dragged my huge heavy body out of the bed, and found my way to Sungai Wang. Breakfast we had, then we walked around the shopping places within the vicinity. I shall leave my story with Fred and his friends for another entry, since I have had plenty to say about that session too. I spent the entire morning till late afternoon with Fred and company, and they took a 4pm bus back to Malacca. I thought to myself, it was a day well spent, meeting old friends, having good food, walking around aimlessly at shopping malls. Just when I thought I could call the day off, and finally get my damned well deserved rest, something rather peculiarly out of the ordinary happened.

CHONG from



It was already after 5pm when I managed to get into my room, and not a moment to lose, I jumped onto the bed. When I was about to doze off, my phone was buzzing and buzzing and I just ignored the first call. And then it buzzed again. So I picked it up and it was Jasonmumbles, who told me he was in KL and wanted to meet up. I so wanted to say no, but then I figured I could use some dinner, so I said yes, and was asked to call Chong up. I was just too exhausted to think of anything so I made the call. So the dinner would happen at 6pm.

And Chong called back, and spilled everything.

You see… what those two buggers, Chong and Jason planned was..

To kidnap me and drive me all the way to Malacca at 6pm, grab a hearty wholesome awesome dinner, and drive back to KL at midnight. Jason was never in KL.

Yeah I know, CRAZY RIGHT????? Sunday night go all the way to Malacca just for DINNER. And then back to KL. All in one night.

They assumed that I would have said no, because the following day was a working day, and I usually do not say yes to last minute plans.

Well, I was glad Chong actually told me before kidnapping me all the way to Malacca. Or else I would have fainted by the roadside with white foams coming out from my mouth or something.....


But anyway, I went along with the plan, and we drove down to Malacca and arrived there before 730pm, which was pretty amazing. We grabbed Jason and Jian (the crazy cat) and headed to Portuguese Settlement for a seafood feast just by the sea.

So I called up the Frederick, who just reached back at Malacca not too long before, and I said.. “Yo! I am in Malacca!!”

And he went “WHAAAAATT????”

I am sure his hair spiked right up when I told him that. Gosh, if you go through the whole chain of events, it could be even more dramatic than the OC, I swear.




We waited for almost an hour for the seafood to arrive. It was worth every bit of the wait, and we attacked the food veraciously. I have to say they were really fresh, and well prepared. I am not exactly a frequent seafood person, but you can easily tell the distinctive taste and texture of freshness. The style was very different from what you get in Kuching, but I really love the one served here. Getting my hands dirty breaking apart the shells of the crab and prawns and chatter away by the seaside through the night with those cool but also with some screws in their heads loose friends was something I never have thought would happen anytime soon. I guess I was just glad my body was holding up and lasted me all evening.



After seafood, we drove to another place and assaulted some roasted Chicken Wings. Gosh, with the amount of Fried/roasted/BBQ-ed/Oily/Fatty/heaty food I am stuffing into myself lately, I am anticipating sore throat or fever soon.

After the Wings, we finally had to call it a night, and Chong flew his car back to KL and I somehow find myself in front of this PC at precisely 1230am. Cleaned up myself a little, prepared some stuff for Monday’s work, and the next thing I knew, I crash-landed in a world called dreams.


It was funny, unexpected, yet a great night. I could not remember how many times Jason has persistently asked me to go down Malacca for seafood, and the equal number of times I have said no. It happened in the end, not in any ways that I have imagined, but it was good.

So guys, did any crazy things lately?


  1. Haha. It was fun, wasn't it?

    Lets do it another time, maybe this time, with me knocking on your door at 5am for breakfast. :P

  2. hey jasonmumbles,
    LOL... yeah it was fun indeed.
    Will be waiting for your knocking.

  3. ngaiti... siao man haha. too bad couldn't join u and Fred on Sunday. sigh

  4. hey chunchow,
    LOL there will be next time no worries

  5. i wish i can do that.
    can't do that here

  6. my gawd that is so much food! i hope u all dabao back some...


  7. hey marcus,
    we stuffed everything in our tummies LOL

  8. wow looks damn spicey. i surely LS if i was there...


  9. hey marcus,
    LOL nolah, it wasnt that spicy at all...

  10. lol i might be crazy enuf to do that one day.

    btw dude, vote for us on campur chart!link's on my blog.

  11. hey ivan,
    aahahaha... yeah... gotta do some crazy stuff before we become too old !!
    Whoah.. campur chart? LOL

  12. wow that sure is kinda 'crazy'. but i guess well worth it - a memory to treasure.

    and i think that if they didnt tell u that they are to kidnap you, ull also go mad in the car haha.

    btw, nice narration of events. like the drama ! :)

  13. Yes Qua Chee, I was so afraid that he will go psycho in the car I didn't tell him the 'plan'...

    But then again, it was fun to have such an impromptu dinner. Hehe.

  14. hey quachee and chong,
    thanks ahahaha...
    yeah i figured, if they did not really tell me in the first place i would go beserk for like 30 seconds and probably laugh non stop right after that LOL

  15. man.. i miss the fun of traveling like that..

    i wish i got the money to go over now.