Friday, October 03, 2008

Ten Things I Did During Raya Holidays

For the past two days, it was the festive season in the country, also the brief holiday that I have been very much looking forward to. I believe that stepping into the working life, we are giving up a huge chunk of our time, being fully devoted to career, leaving us with restrictive and limited own free time for anything else. Therefore, holidays, of any sort, have become tremendously precious at this point of life onwards.

Sometimes I just fail to understand how a certain group of unconventional people can differ in opinion when it comes to holidays. To them, they would be spared with too much time at hand, with nothing to do at all, and finding it really hard to kill time. Eventually they would get bored and probably commit suicide or go berserk due to boredom. Man, what God-forbidden planet did they come from? To me, holidays (weekends included) are truly God-sent, those are the little time left that you can truly call free time, and whatever items that you could not have done during normal days, can be done on holidays. Being a mid twenties bachelor guy, there could possibly be a thousand and one things that I could do during holidays, and not all of them necessarily involve much cash at all.

There is NO room for Boredom.

So what have I done for the Raya Holidays?

The TEN things that I did during Raya:

1) Had an enormous amount of quality sleep. No alarm clocks. No rushing to catch the LRT in time for work. Just me and my comfy bed.

2) Grabbed lunch with Ivan, an old buddy from high school and spent the entire afternoon catching up with this awesome dude. It is good to hear that his band is doing really well out there, and getting raving response from the crowd everywhere.


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Note: Photograph taken by Ivan with my Oly E520, and the Image Stabilization was turned off. Super steady hands he had.

3) Backed up my collection of photos taken over the past several months. I have burned eleven DVDs out from my disc writer which is older than a dinosaur. Hence, imagine the pain in waiting for each DVD in burning. This has been something that I wanted to do since a while back, but never had the time to and now I can rest well without worrying that my hard disk would crash if I leave my PC on overnight for heavy downloads. I could not imagine all my hard work being lost just like that if something should ever happen.

4) Night photography session with a cool photographer: Chong. We went to the Titiwangsa Lake for a night-landscape shot of KL over a distance, and also the KLCC tower upclose the next following night. I have always loved night time landscape shooting, capturing the lights of the city was just somehow unspeakably fulfilling. I shall dedicate an entry for this particular photo-session.


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5) Played DOTA. Lots, and lots and lots of Dota. I managed to connect to the Australian game server, Bored Aussie and my internet connection was surprisingly stable and fast during the holidays. It was indescribably satisfying being able to kill pwn other players and own the game after sooooooooo long being away from it. I still have the touch, multiple double kills in a game and occasionally, triple kills are just damned sweet.

6) Had proper fish for dinner after a long time. The last fish and chips I had was in January, when I was still working in Perth. I seriously miss Cicerellos (click)


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7) Did more than two weeks worth of dirty laundry. Yeap, I had become that lazy that I have not washed my cloths and let them accumulate for this long.

8) Reorganized the furniture arrangement in my room, since I was getting tired of the old arrangement.


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9) Played tennis. I travelled all the way to MMU Cyberjaya and stroked balls for the entire morning with Chun Chow. I used to play tennis really often when I was in Perth, and one of the ultimate sacrifice being back here in Malaysia would be the lack of tennis.

And of course, how would I have missed this one item out.

After all this while,

I finally…

10) Camwhored.

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There was tennis, lots and lots of Dota, fun photography outings, hanging out with awesome friends, feasting on good food, getting heaps of rest, and at the same time being able to tick off quite a number of items from my to-do lists.

This is what I call, a short holiday well-spent.


  1. yes it is the simple things that mean the most that many take for granted. simple things like playing DOTA or having a latte in the outdoors back in perth which i take for granted and truly miss!

    that camwhore picture is solid! its very flattering that u had the sparks burst out in the background where u are standing LOL


  2. hey marcus,
    i agree with you full on about the simple things that we all take for granted. They all contribute to the wonderful experience that in the end would fade to just memories that we carry on moving forward.
    yah, I figured I have not camwhored for a long time, might as well do something unusual !!

  3. Hey Robin,

    I am spending my holiday in Perth. Manage to get a cheap ticket, hahahaha...and i went for Kaili's brother insted of cicerellos, and ended up diarea...hahaha...

    Spring in Perth is just so nice, still very cold, and i'm going to Perth Royal Show today :)) Fireworks!!!

  4. hey mark,
    oh dear, is this the mark from singapore or mark from kuching?
    Gosh how i wish I could go back to Perth anytime soon. Yeah perth royal show... but at least ive been there a couple of times for the past few years so its quite alright.. not so keen on spending that much money there either LOL

  5. robin.. you're gonna be in my blog again! hahaha.. sooon

  6. hehe, it's me again. DoTA is fun eh? I was never really good at it. Raya is probably the holiday I like the most, but this year's wasn't as good as previous years though. I just spent some quality time with my family. And I still had to work.

    I did not camwhore... haha... though I have a 5-pack (nearly 6), but I'm not quite into camwhoring.

    See you around.

  7. hey allen

    hey anonymous,
    Jones? ahahaha... glad u had a good raya holidays yourself. Its always good to spend time with family. Raya is not a holiday at your place? How come you have to work?

  8. No, Raya IS a holiday at my place. I have to work because I deem that my work still needed me during this year's Raya. And I am not Jones.


  9. hey anonymous,
    which one of the many anonymous that has commented on my blog before is this? ahahah...
    start using names lar... easier for me to identify..

  10. Ah sorry. I am shizu. I will use shizu next time...

    Haven't seen you in a long long time... hehe