Friday, October 17, 2008

Recycle is good

I have been browsing through my older collection of pictures, and there were quite a few that never made it up this blog.

I really liked some of them. You may have recognized a few from my previous entries, but those were not the exact similar ones I have posted before. In this entry those pictures were the reserved shots, which I could have used, but did not, for some reasons I could not recall now. I do like some of the unused pictures, thus I have collected them, and posted them here.


My first attempt with a circular polarizer filter.


My first attempt with a close up filter attached on the standard zoom lens to capture insect macros.


Shooting with tele lens in unimaginably dark ambience, using ISO 1600.


My first few shots with Oly E-520


Was with Fishtan when this shot was taken. Kinda wish I had a longer zoom though.


Yes I still do it from time to time.

That is all for this brief entry. I just thought I should utilize those pictures. Will be back blogging about more usual stuff when I get better. Not exactly feeling very well (literally) at the moment, God knows what I have gotten myself into.

And if someone can be kind enough to try to figure out what the new header actually means, I would be glad to hear your thoughts. Like usual, I did not create my headers randomly, and there is always a story behind it, and the same story that it is telling.

Now, I shall tend to my rest.


  1. hey u were supposed to blog more about that female jazz singer but never got to it!


  2. OMG Marcus,
    you remember !!

  3. omg.. the bending stunt looks scary.

  4. The header tells a story of how badly photoshopped it is or not. Haha. I don't know. Seems like you are trying to test your new super powers?

  5. hey allen,
    scary eh?

    hey jasonmumbles,
    thanks for the compliments. Wow, I never knew you had such an impressive conceptual artistic appreciation.

  6. Yeah u're 'looking' at the sky in the header, but u're also standing on the ground in that pix.

  7. WTF?!! Even your first attempts are good. Godlike skills indeed...

  8. hey allison,
    ahaha close, looking to the sky part was spot on. But theres more to it.

    hey chong,
    LOL... nothing that special about them lar.. just thought the shots are memorable coz its the first few attempts mar..

  9. yeah.. scary.. i shud try that at home

  10. yo robin!

    How much is that Olly sp-570? I know it's out of topic.. lol..

  11. yes robin i remember. u can't get away with it...


  12. hey allen,
    try it at your own risk LOL

    hey johnson,
    street price now its roughly less than rm1.5k

  13. hey marcus,
    LOL !! You are freaky !!