Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Olympus SP-570

Just before the spontaneous trip down to Malacca on Sunday evening, I have spent the entire day from early morning till late afternoon meeting and catching up with Frederick, who came all the way out from Malacca to KL for a short holiday. His main purpose of visiting KL this time was to grab a brand new camera, and after tiresome hunt and much thoughts, he decided to settle down with an Olympus SP-570.


This camera bears significant meaning to me, since it was sitting at the top of my list when I was choosing a new camera almost half a year earlier. For a non-DSLR camera, this particular Oly has some irresistibly compelling reasons placing it above all other cameras, even comparable to entry level dslrs. Starting price being comfortably way below any DSLR, and packing in a lot of features such as wide angle, super zoom ED lens (FREAKING 20 TIMES ZOOM FTW), hotshoe with wireless flash capabilities, full manual control and impressive shooting performance just made this camera somewhat hard to be shoved aside.


The main selling point of the camera would be the lens itself, it is wider and longer than both my current standard and tele lens combined. 26mm – 520mm (in 35mm Equiv), this is as much coverage as you could get. They even threw in Optical Image Stabilization in compensation for the difficult long zoom shots.


I guess there are times I have wondered, what if I have decided to get SP-570 instead of the DSLR? It is an interesting possibility to explore, and certainly, due to its compactness, I would be able to bring it everywhere I go to, thus more spontaneous pictures can be taken, anywhere, anytime. So much for the road not taken. I believe I would have been happy with Sp-570 too, without having to think about the possibilities of upgrading my lenses and all.

After all, it is an Oly too.


  1. Anything other than dSLR are not meant for people with God like skills of yours.

    Those things are an insult to you.

  2. hey jasonmumbles,
    me no qualified lar... what skills... bleh.....

    nah, i would be happy with one. serious.

  3. Are you sure you'd be happy with this superzoom compact? I don't think so :p. At its maximum zoom, its hard to keep the image clear, even with IS and high ISOs.

    Met this photographer who has an existing canon and pentax system, but has just invested into the 50-200 and a 520. He just got the 150 f2 lens too (retails for 3200 aud!!) I don't know how he does it, but i'd love to get all those super high grade lenses if my job pays that well :p

  4. hey brandon,
    ahaha yeah i am pretty sure i would be alright with it, after all it is capable of doing most of the things i need in a camera.
    LOL so you have set up your mind in investing that much into photography ahahaha... i have yet to make that decision, maybe after improving into next level than i will see how it goes