Tuesday, October 21, 2008

KLPF Day 2 with Amber Chia

Side Note: Click here for Day 1 of the KL Photography Festival !!

Like many other photgraphers, I made it to the KL Photography Festival on day 2 as well, joining in the crowd and making a lot of noise with my camera shutter. This time, I went with my dear colleagues, Andrew and Darryl, who were both as equally mad about taking pictures as I am.

Throughout the history of me in photography (4 years since I first picked up a 3MP budget camera) I have never once forgotten to make sure that the batteries were loaded into the camera and being fully charged for action. For the first time in my life, it finally happened to me. As I fished the camera placed the strap onto my neck, I realized that it was lighter than usual. I flipped it on, and it just stayed motionless. I accidentally left the camera battery happily charging at home, I must have gone really sloppy these days. Which stupid photographer would do such a mistake?? I only found that out just before a model photoshoot-out session was about to start !! Bummer.

My friend incidentally brought 2 DSLRs to the event, and he was kind enough to lend me his spare. So all of a sudden, I have a Canon 400D, with a tele zoom lens 80mm-320mm (in 35mm) F/4.5-5.6. I thought to myself, having a DSLR is better than none, right? At least I could still snap some pictures for the day. As I was fiddling with the settings, customizing it to my preferences, and finally tested it, I began to truly appreciate what Olympus has offered me all these while. Under such dim indoor lighting, most of my shots come out blurred.

You see, all this while (not so long lah, only for roughly half a year) I have been utilizing the Olympus Zuiko 80-300mm (in 35mm) F/3.5-4.5 tele zoom lens, which was equivalent in focal length range with the previously mentioned Canon lens, but the with significantly wider/larger aperture. Larger aperture is necessary to obtain faster shutter speed, which is crucial in order to minimize picture blurring due to hand shake. Therefore, having one step lower in F-number clearly enables the Olympus tele lens some comfort and flexibility in shooting under low light, and obtaining almost TWICE the shutter speed in any chosen focal length !! Throw in the body Image stabilization of my Olympus E-520 body with the faster than average tele lens (for its class) I can shoot away with minimal risk of blurring. Unfortunately that is not the case for the Canon, with much slower lens, and not having built in IS on the lens just made indoor photography such a misery !!

Alright I know many of you would point out that external flash could solve all the problems, I know its true, but hey, thats another story. I would definitely be happy too if I had a flash !

So I have on one hand an awesome Oly + lens combo, but battery-less, and on another, I have a fully workable Canon, but very susceptible to shake-blur. To be honest, I do think the Canon 400D is capable, I am just complaining about the lens in general (and that particular lens is not cheap by itself anyway). In that desperate moment, I really wished my Olympus would come back to life.

And finally it did. I kid you not. No it was not exactly a miracle, but I did something.

I thought that it was a gigantic photography festival, and Olympus had a booth set up for the event. They have live demonstrations of the cameras on display, hence they would need batteries to power the cameras. Now I was gambling on my feeling that Olympus people would be kind enough to let me use one of their batteries for just half an hour. I went in, and asked for that favour. Surprising enough, the people there were really sporting !!!! Hence, I got myself a spare battery to use just for the photoshoot, and my Oly was back in action !!

Thanks so much Leo and gang, you guys were my savior for that day !! Without them, you guys have no pictures to see in this entry !!

So I got the battery, but I have sacrificed my spot just to retrieve it, and by the time I went back the crowd was getting larger already. The position I had this time around was a lot worse than Day 1. Nevertheless, nothing could beat the joy of utilizing your own camera, and this was even more true when you have finally realized how capable it was in comparison to other alternatives (in the similar class) out there. Lousier position means, less interesting pictures.

For the first time in my life, after reading his blog for years, and occasionally caught him online and chat over MSN, I finally met up Smashpop in person. Really cool guy.

I guess everyone was anticipating the 4pm event, with guest appearance by Amber Chia. Yeah, who would not love her anyway. Man, you guys should see how everyone reacted when she went on stage, and started posing for the portrait shooting workshop/demonstration. Though the crowd was told not to snap any pictures during the demonstration process, considering the fact that the continous firing of flash units by the crowd would distract/affect the stage photographers output, being Malaysian, the cameras never stopped clicking. It was as if Amber was made of gold or something, and none of them have ever seen her before. The way the photographers inched in closer and closer, standing and stepping over each other, stomping their way to get that angle... seriously WTF !!!!!

If you guys were so desperate to get good shots of her, why not go to her shows during any of her public appearances? I have caught her in public fashion shows several times, and during those shows, there were less than 15 photographers (possibly less than 10) taking pictures. I could freely move around to readjust my position. Why fight over each other like animals here in the KLPF?? This just did not make any sense.

Alright folks, this should wrap up my coverage for the KLPF 2008. I went, I saw, and I did what I went to do: shoot pictures of chicks for your viewing pleasure.

Blogging will resume like usual, with not so much of graphics overloading.


  1. Shots of chicks for your viewing pleasure :D

    Looks like M'sia is working out for ya mate. Keep up with the smiles, it's a good look.

  2. hey clara !!
    LOL... viewing pleasure indeed...
    Yeah, things are not too bad so far... hope things will get better !!! Kinda miss perth though...

  3. haha now i see why u are so in love with your oly!

    great shots of the lovely girls! this time u really got away with murder! next time u better not forget your battery especially when amber chia is on! lol


  4. hey marcus,
    thanks !! yeah i ought to be really more careful next time !! Should not make such a terrible mistake again.

  5. :( refer to my latest entry to see lor.. :( reason's thr..

    wah.. wah.. revealing wor

  6. http://allenang.com/blog/?p=91

  7. hey allen,
    OMG... im sorry to hear that.
    Well... u are getting it fixed anyway, wont cost that much I guess, just some pins like you mentioned, not the shutter or aperture problem.
    Not gonna get 50D yet? or better.. 5D mark 2??

  8. hey, smashpoop is using sony :D :D :D :D

  9. hey fish tan,
    since when u become a fan of smashpop????

  10. How many batteries do you have? Better buy a spare one and charge it full...

    Canon 80-320mm? Never heard of this lens. If you are talking about EF 50-200mm f4.5-5.6 I don't think it is expensive. Average price US$211 what can we expect?

  11. I think u should particapate any contest next time. Don't always said you are nooblar...lolz. At least some commiment will make us have better and better. Waiting for more of ur nice photos. hehe!!

  12. Rob, I've seen that chick with the silver camera in person before :) Forgot her name dy, but she was one of the Hypertune magazine models.

    You should be taking more photos of models! You know la Kuching not much event featuring models...so be kind to me and see if you can go take pix at the Malaysia International Fashion Week end of next month? :D

  13. hey khengsiong,
    I was referring the focal length based on equivalent field of view in 35mm, so that people wont get confused when I refer to my olympus lens.
    It was 50-200mm f/4.5-5.6 USM. Want to know how much my olympus lens cost? Google 40-150mm F/3.5-4.5 Zuiko.
    Anyway, Canon are known for their terrible kit lenses anyway, in comparison to Nikon and Oly.

    Hey fatiien,
    wait till i buy a flash lah, no flash very hard leh....

    hey mike,
    Owh, you got her number? ahaha maybe can arrange some private shooting LOL...
    anyway, you got any info about that fashion event? hmm... googling now ahahha

  14. lol if i got her number then i should know her name right???

    anyway, you can find out more about the fashion event at http://www.m-ifw.com/

  15. hey mike,
    ahaha, yeah saw that when i googled it just now. Not much information available eg the schedule of the event.

  16. It is KLPF. Hence, most of them wanna show off what they have during the event. So, shoving and pushing is neccessary to them to get more attention.

  17. Siaw! No money lar! LOL! (Now this line sounds familiar, and it usually comes from you when I ask you to get new gears! LOL)

    Well, I'm half half on getting a new body first, instead of a UWA.. LOL! How how?

  18. hey chong,
    its so true, shoving the lenses around. Have u checked out what Jian drew on his blog? LOL.. I cant help it but feel the same way as he did.

    hey allen,
    OMG NEW BODY OF COURSE !! Or better why not BOTH?? LOL

  19. walraoo... bo lui laaaa >.<

  20. belakang muzium allen !! go go 50D is waiting. UWA too.

  21. i saw amber chia in person and when she was promoting one of her movies i miri 2 years back and she was having a drink at a bar near my family's restaurant.
    i thought of going up to her and asked her if i could take a picture with her as i had my camera with me but decided as against it because i was in a mess.

    gotta give a supermodel a good first impression, no? ;p

    oh,well. maybe someday :)

  22. hey arth,
    whoah, you saw her in person, and u had such freedom and privacy !! I would have gone and talked to her ahahaha.. im sure you could not be looking that bad that day !!! She could have been blown away by your awesomest tattoos anyway !!!