Monday, October 06, 2008

Fish are food, not friends

It was really an amazing fact, yet I never really thought of it until I dined with Chong the other night right before the night photo-shoot session at KLCC... it has been terribly a long time since I last had a proper fish meal. Do not get me wrong, I do love fish. But it does seem that fish is not exactly one of the most popular meat to be included in Malaysian food generally, and would have spiked the price significantly. That aside, I do believe it is not a common thing to find real fresh fish being served in this giant city, and this applies to seafood on the whole too.

Hence, it was good to have fish as food once again. Behold... the platter that we have feasted on.



It was also another weird fact that one of the least favourite food I would cook during my cooking days (yes I do cook, and I can cook pretty well if you start to wonder) would be fish. I just could not get them right, texture and taste wise. It is so much easier to just go out and order fish and that could have been one decent wholesome dinner, minus the oil and salt factor. Nevertheless, I seriously miss having fish and chips every now and them like I used to in Perth. Unlike Australia, locally here fish and chips are not considered as normal everyday food, thus it has become something really pricey in Malaysia.



I mean, come on, in Australia you get superbly good fish and chips being served at the roadside, selling really cheap, being wrapped up in meagre paper and ready to go. In Malaysia.. you can only find near reasonable fish and chips in fancily decorated restaurants, serving in plates with fork and knife at ridiculously hiked price. Of course I would not want to frequent fish and chips anymore here.

So any other fish fans out there?


  1. If I want fish I will go for those Chinese restaurant. You can have it steamed or fried, but for fresh fish steam is better.

    I feel so tempted to try FNC. Haha. Had Korean food for dinner just now. So satisfying...

  2. hey daniel,
    the thing about the fish being served in chinese restaurants... they are freaking expensive. Fish and chips is considered common food in Australia, hence rasonably lower pricing, and much easier to find also.
    Whoah... korean... just had korean 2 weeks ago, didnt bring my cam ahahaha hence didnt blog about it.

  3. Fish isn't exactly meat, because the texture is just like porridge. Bleargh.

  4. Oooh... I love fish. Snapper, mackerel, stingray, tuna, pomfret, seabass, cod, salmon, dorry etc etc... nice and lovely! But yeah fishes get kinda expensive here though. :-|

  5. hey jason,
    no wonder you hate cats too.

    hey allison,
    OMG do not get me started on salmon and tuna... best eaten raw. Sashimi *slurpppp

  6. australia has the greatest fush and chups! some say UK has the best but there are others who have tried and feel australia puts up a mean fush and chups! yes they were pricey but u get a fair deal once u see the portions. i can't believe they made us pay for every sachet of ketchup or tar tar at freo! and i like the black pager things that buzz u when its time to collect your order at the counter. barramundi has always been my staple LOL!


  7. wah.. Manhattan fish market.. I guess its ok for malaysian std, but otherwise i won't go for it (bcos of d price too). haha.. betcha missing all the nice fish and chips here...

    sorry been missing in action for some time. been taking photos for the uni games here in melbourne. non stop photography for 5 days - its crazy man...

    share an album with u.. hot cheerleaders inside. njoy!

  8. hey marcus,
    i know !! fush and chups... at freo gosh... heavenly.
    but yeah.. i usually had my fush and chups without any sauces.. ahahah...

    hey brandon,
    nice to hear from you again. Whoah.. shooting for 5 days non stop... crazy lar. But then i guess the chearleaders are so worth it eh??
    Yeah, manhanttan fish is a bit overpriced, but its the closest thing to real fish and chips you can ever find here.

  9., now i'm craving for ikan bakar.....