Thursday, October 23, 2008

Another Night @ KLCC

Remember Fred who came out all the way from Malacca to KL just to grab an Olympus SP570 ?? Well, recently, he was here in KL again for his training module required by his current work. He was here for a couple of days, and I took off early from work just to catch up with him, and have a merry round of photo-shooting together. I was pretty sure he was darn eager to try out and test the capabilities of his new camera !!

Hence I packed my camera and tripod and brought them along to work. During lunch time, as bored as I was, I snapped a few pictures.



Fighting through the crazy crowd at the train stations, and sardining myself into the LRT taking me to KLCC, I made it there just before sunset. We caught a fast meal, and jumped right into shooting mode after that. I lent Fred my trustful tripod, for he did not bring his from Malacca. Therefore I was left with no tripod, so all my shots for this session was done handheld. I figured he seldom comes to KL, so I should not be cutting out his limited time of shooting this session. I can always come back, heck I was just here with Chong not too long ago.




We somehow wish we had more time, since we both had to rush back quite early. Nevertheless, I foresee more shooting sessions at KLCC in the future, maybe trying out some cool techniques. That is the awesome thing about photography, there is always something new to play with, even when you are using the same old camera all the time. The opportunities are endless, and every session is different.


I am foreseeing a trip down to Malacca some time soon. And I am foreseeing lots of pictures being taken there this time around.

Weekend is almost here. I can almost taste it.


  1. wah the hell did he go all the way to klcc??? hahaha

  2. hey redapple,
    ahhaa one of those weekends i might go down.

    hey chunchow,
    LOL.. if there is a will there is a way ahahhah...

  3. klcc is still beautiful till today :) love yr night shots. and photo featuring the camera + klcc is cool.

  4. hey quachee,
    thanks !!! I guess a lot of people have been taking pictures of KLCC and it starts to look boring everytime se wee the same shots taken. Gotta try to find different ways to express it !!!

  5. i like the zoom effect.. nicely done.. neatly done too.. ;)

  6. dramatic pix.. keep on going "Parker"!! lol..